Two guys. Three instruments. One unique sound.


Interval are a duo featuring Andrew Kieselbach on Vocals and Keyboard and Ryan Taylor on Drums.

The lyrics are heart felt and thought provoking with vocals that are deep and soulful with shots of melancholy and joy.

The piano varies from evocative haunting tones to tuneful upbeat melodies. The drumming is stylish, rhythmic and dramatic. The contrast between them brings depth and variation to the music.

The clever combination of vocals, piano and drums gives way to an uncompromising, hard hitting, focused and unique sound.


Interval Demo 2006 - Slide
Interval Demo 2006 - Time Machine
Interval Demo 2006 - Turn Away
Interval Demo 2006 - Hypocrite

Set List

Typical Set List (45mins) :
Slide, Time Machine, Nails in my head, Bully Boy, Mouth, Happy You, Higher Deeper Now, Shadowlands, Dive Bomb City, Resolve, Hypocrite

Typical Set times: 30mins, 45mins, 1 hour.

No Covers.