Fresh, Innovative and Unique! A heavy commercial sound that stands out from all others. InterVenom is the perfect sound for your upcoming film or TV project!



TbOnZ previously created, organized and led the Canadian aggro-metal band, Human Disorder. Immediately after their independent debut release "Twisted Sane" in 1998, Human Disorder signed a recording contract with Ruptured Discs (owned by Blue Summit Records USA) and in 1999 the band’s sophomore effort, “Ugly Modern Aggression” was released and became an underground success in the States.

Human Disorder earned over 1700 spins at hard block commercial and college radio! The band roared through three national tours (clubs, theatres, and festivals), totaling over 300 shows in the US and Canada. After 18 months of touring and hard work, the label announced it had to close its doors. The band decided to go their separate ways and in April 2001 they played their final show.

Picking up where he left off, TbOnZ set straight out to achieve his new vision - to create and produce InterVenom.

Recently acquired band menbers; Steph Przybysz (drums), Keith Gillam (bass), Brian MacPhee (DJ) and Angelo Cimino (guitar), complete the line up. They're all great musicians with definitive characteristics and are all captivating to watch perform.

InterVenom is currently performing live, having performed over 30 shows with the current line up. They are now writing together and will have enough material to go into the studio, by the end of Summer 2006.

Management: David Eheler
The Music Mob (Canada)
Phone: 905-646-4443

Film and TV Licensing: Shanna Saul
Karnal Promotions

Video and Media: Kyle Greer

Website and Promo Desgin: Mat Dwyer
Mad Web Canada

TbOnZ co-wrote the 8 song EP (IV:01) with Producer, Mark Lodge, while Cory McFadden engineered the sessions. Top English Producer; Pete Hoffman, mixed the tracks at Milo Studios in London England.

The latest 3-song demo was written and recorded by TbOnZ in his home studio in Toronto.


EP: IV:01 (2004)
1) Immune
2) Higher
3) Why
4) The One
5) Xxxtasy
6) Faster Than The Speed Of Light
7) Twisted Messiah
8) Freak Magnet

3-Song Demo (2006)
1) Everyday
2) Do To You
3) Underground

Set List

Live set list includes all 8 tracks, as well as new original songs.