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This lot are influenced by Radiohead and U2, combing a sophisticated rock sound with an ‘oh so fashionable’ chunk of 80s synth, a la Depeche Mode.

"Intervurt are on their way!"

Intervurt's sound. It's psychedelic, yet rocky, hooky and even a bit punky. Electronica, maybe? Singer Paul O'Keeffe's double handed grip on the microphone accentuates the pulsations of his singing as the lyrics surge and flow in waves. Guitarist Mark Alberici happily rocks away with his six-string, flooding the Intervurt sound with powerful riffs and all the band combine to produce a sound that is as enjoyable as it is tight and professional. Intervurt are on their way. - FRESH SOUNDS

"One of the finest rock bands on the scene"

They dress in black; they bring their own lighting effects into our studio and, to be honest, they rock! Intervurt are a five piece outfit from 'saaf' London and have been gigging under the Intervurt banner since 1999. They hold the reputation of being one of the finest rock bands on the scene and comparisons have been drawn, likening them to Muse, U2 and Depeche Mode. The band consists of Paul O’Keeffe on lead vocals, Mark on lead guitar, Oliver on keyboards, Lee on bass and Scott on drums. Paul has performed with 'Chicane' on MCA and Mark performed with the legendary re-formed "Crazy World of Arthur Brown". Their influences are as diverse as their previous bands, including; Zeppelin, Radiohead, QOTSA, Aphex Twin and AC/DC. Aphex Twin seems to inform some of the use of menacing synthesisers which sets this band apart. The band doesn’t seem to lack ambition as they told us that they want to be “At the top, on the front cover of NME, dominating the world, with a hardcore-fanbase and U2 on as first support.” Which isn’t a lot to ask? - MUSICIANS CHANNEL

"Prepare to be switched on and turned up to eleven!!!"

Intervurt’s stabbing electronica is hypnotically engaging, their melodies rip your ears and their attitude blasts through into the next room. Paul O’Keeffe is a natural born killer, working the microphone and the room and leaving no doubt that every note is a bullet. Last time we saw this band they were attacking Guilfest’s unsigned stage…but don’t let that fact lead you to believe that they are just another set of wide-eyed wannabies. Intervurt are a fully-fledged band with individual pedigrees that reflect combined years of experience. Having already had a successful couple of years touring, recording and circling on the edge of the public consciousness, Intervurt are preparing to swoop into your record collection…see them live, appreciate their art, and prepare to be switched on and turned up to eleven. - VIRTUAL FESTIVALS

"Indie music has a new hit squad"

Like a snotty teenager with a customised Vauxhall Corsa, Intervurt's demo long player combines outright insolence with care, attention and true craftsmanship. The South East five-piece make sure there's not a note out of place as they deliver eleven tracks alive with attitude and invention.

"Scars + Stripes" and "Diesel" make for a formidable opening salvo with the kind of unhinged, low-fi rock madness that flicks bogies at you from somewhere between Queens of the Stone Age or early Supergrass. "Stop the Clock" may feel more rarified, with a sedate indie pop sound that comes across like Keane with added guitar muscle; but "Perfect Plan" resumes the onslaught with some big synth's, stadium rock chords and melodramatic lyrics about a bank robbery gone wrong. In terms of both content and sheer visceral flair, it's like watching Reservoir Dogs in around four minutes.

Throughout the lp's first four songs, frontman Paul O'Keeffe matches the music's reckless menace with a supercharged, sneering vocal. But it's as the album progresses into weirder waters that he really emerges as a remarkable singer capable of the kind of vocal acrobatics that can upset a Labrador's hearing. There are elements of John Spencer and Sisters of Mercy's Matthew Aldrich in his vocal on the synth-funk of "Money". Meanwhile, the slithering bass, spacey effects and monster rock moments of the infectious "Merla" - as well as the frazzled electro-groove of "Embargo" (a perfect potential single) - both provide the ideal backdrop for some truly demented vocals and a few very fine "oooh-la-la-las." Cheeky, catchy and a bit twisted, this is great going out music. However, Intervurt also prove that they can turn on the drama to devastating effect with some spooky beats and dark thoughts. "Suffering" and "Nailed" are mini electro-rock epics that hint at Nine Inch Nails or The Killers; while "No Antidote" goes from whispered vocals and narcotic rhythms to a deluge of Premier League guitar soloing. But it's the closing "Experiments In" that proves to be a true H-bomb on a slow fuse. Starting out with simple strumming, a plaintive Thom Yorke-ish vocal from Paul and the odd fleck of blues guitar, this tune soon swells with hope as the keyboards come in and the whole things takes off towards the stratosphere. It's a stately finish from a band that can do vicious and vulnerable in equal measure, and with a whole lot of personality. In Intervurt, the fight against mundane indie music has a new hit squad. - OVERPLAY

"The legendary God of Hell Fire"

The legendary God of Hell Fire himself, Arthur Brown, sent me this song by unsigned band intervurt. A Heavy-ish riff and catchy vocals, this is Hawkwind meets Audioslave. Somebody sign them please! - POWERPLAY MAGAZINE

"Unsigned Band Of The Week!"

Intervurt make a warm sounding racket with hints of early Foo Fighters peeping through their arena sized fuzzrock choruses, sounding like they'd be as comfortable rocking Wembley as they would your local indie dive. - KARMADOWNLOAD

"'Discovered' Competition Winners!"

The winners of Virtual Festivals' 'Discovered!' new bands competition played their first festivals last weekend at Guilfest and Tin Pan Alley to raptuous receptions. Step forward Intervurt. Another gut-wrenching and soul-searching performance from a South London band who are preparing to beat a path to your door...a truly explosive event! Following the huge success of our Discovered! download chart (hosted by our friends over at KarmaDownload and sponsored by Amicus the Union) our top new band - Intervurt - kicked off their prize of a five-date festival tour with a gruelling two days, hitting the stages at both Guilfest and Tin Pan Alley. Playing early on in the day, it didn't stop them attracting large audiences at both events, with Intervurt proving they have the pulling power to get punters rocking right from the outset. Despite being stripped of their extravagant trademark stage art and visuals, they blasted their way through invigorating sets that demanded instant attention from crowds who were predominantly being exposed to the band for the first time. Coincidentally, they played on the same day as The Subways at both festivals, who themselves shot to stardom after winning a new bands comp (Glasto 2004). An omen perhaps? One new fan is Xfm DJ John Kennedy, who grabbed the band for an interview as they came off stage at Tin Pan Alley on Sunday. “Intervurt were great out there and really pulled it off in front of an afternoon crowd" With three more festival appearances confirmed at Beautiful Days, Get Loaded and Bestival, the band will have been exposed to audiences in the thousands before the summer is up. We at VF really see a future for one of Britains brightest new hopes. Intervurt were voted the top band in Virtual Festivals' Discovered! new bands competition, which had been running since spring with the support of Amicus The Union and KarmaDownload. They beat thousands of entries to be voted number one by the public. - VIRTUAL FESTIVALS

"GIGS UNLIMITED Rating ::: 5/5"

This band deserve to do well. Apologies for such an abrupt statement, but there’s no point in procrastination where Intervurt are concerned – they are surely going places. And by that I am neither talking about the travel agents, nor do I wish to sleep with any members of the band. But when something’s a bag of flurb, I certainly don’t refrain from berating their ailments. Hence, when something is as professionally projected and realised as this Intervurt demo, I feel that it is only fair to balance the force somewhat by putting forth some well-deserved praise.

“Translucent” is not only a cracking way to prove this journalist completely correct, but also a word that is so underused these days. Once upon a time in early education, I was told the meaning of the word only to find out that nowadays that nobody seems to know the difference between said lexeme and ‘transparent’. Thank God for a band that educates and entertains, but don’t thank Him for this irrelevant information. It’s a cracking tune that displays Thom Yorke style vocals combined with a joviality bereft of Radiohead gloom.

Admittedly, “Experiments in the Human Body” is much closer to the aforementioned band, but the middle two tracks are really closer to the sound of the Foo Fighters. All in all, this is the sort of sound that removes good music from the shackles of oppression. As recommendable as breathing.
Review by Adam Harrold
Rating :: 5/5 - GIGS UNLIMITED

"Dirty rock and rollers!"

The main stage was kicked into action by dirty rock and rollers Intervurt. Despite still being early in the morning for some, their own onslaught of rock didn’t go unappreciated.  A few crowd members even found the energy to mosh a little. This was definitely their chance to prove themselves to a reasonably tough audience. But they did a great job of warming everyone up, and getting the name across to Beautiful Days. - ROCK BEAST


Album 'Union'
Translucent ( BBC SCR, Radio Reverb, BBC Solent )
Union Square ( Radio Reverb, BBC SCR )
Saturday Night ( BBC Radio 1, BBC SCR )
Translucent, Union Square, Medussa, No Name
( BBC SCR Live Lounge )
Scars n Stripes ( ITV London Tonight )
Suffering ( BBC Radio 6, BFBS, M Channel, London Radio XFM, Aire, Total Rock, Radio Caroline, various regionals)
No Antidote ( BBC Radio 6, Southern Counties Radio various regionals)
Nailed ( Radio Caroline )
The Fear ( BBC 6 )
Diesel ( M Channel )




INTERVURT are a highly motivated 5 piece from London UK , who have steadily built a fanatically loyal following, and hold the reputation of being one of the finest live rock bands on the scene.

Comparisons have been drawn likening them to Muse, U2 , The Killers , Depeche Mode , and Queens of The Stone Age .

They have appeared at the O2 Wireless Festival along side The Strokes and the Raconteurs at London ‘ Hyde Park, and after winning the Virtual Festivals / Karmadownload Unsigned Competition secured slots at festivals such as , Get Loaded in the Park , Beautiful Days , Guilfest and Bestival .INTERVURT also won the Escape Music Award for ‘ Best Underground Band ‘ 2006.

INTERVURT have recently finished recording their debut album titled ‘ UNION’ which was recorded at Jimi Hendrix’s Electric Lady Studios in NYC. The album was produced by Mark Plati ( Bowie,Cure,Prince) and Tom McKay(Joydropp) and has already started to receive radio support on BBC 6 Music , Radio Reverb and BBC SCR where the band recently performed a live lounge session. INTERVURT were also one of the bands shortlisted to play as part of the recent Coke+ I Tunes Soundwave tour 2007.

‘The kind of band you could hear on National Radio tomorrow'( Seven,Webster A7music’)

‘Translucent is a monster of a track’ ( Phil Jackson , BBC SCR )

‘This band is going to be huge!’ ( Chris Hawkins , BBC6 music )

INTERVURT are Natural Born Killers with high-octane music that contains a reckless menace, both vicious and vulnerable in equal measures and are prepared to do whatever it takes!’ ( Notion Magazine )