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Asheville, North Carolina, United States | INDIE

Asheville, North Carolina, United States | INDIE
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This band has not uploaded any videos



"The McDowell News"

...(they) combine a variety of individual experience and musical influenes to form their (own) asset is their chemistry (making their individual) styles blend..... - Andy Ferguson

"Rickman Rock Review"

Intethod is a thrash band with an old-school and unique style, with a mix of some growler metal and a feel that reminds me of Megadeth. Intethod will become big. ...for an old-school thrasher like me, they are what we've been looking for.....(if) people would appreciate the art of singing in metal, Intethod will dominate the charts. - Mr. Rickman

"Talent 2K"

Every so often ...... comes around with a certain uniqueness that grabs you from the opening song, and then gets better with each listen.

The mixture produces an emotional, energetic, contagious, modern ...... sound.

They have the dynamics in their songs and the talent to make it big in the music industry.

There is never a break, mistake, or a missed note. Perfection is the word.... - Talent 2K

"Fan Comments"

Thank you for bringing it (metal) back. My respect...for showing us all that you don't have to play in drop K to be heavy.... guys kicked ass at the Lincoln (Lincoln Theater, Raleigh,NC) last night. ...Damn that was a good show.

...hell of a show last night at The Underground (Hickory, NC).

...see you in was so worth the wait. You're savage as hell and I loved the show....

I'm ... in Korea and ....holy shit you guys are really great.

Amazing job last night at the Berkeley (The Berkeley Cafe, Raleigh NC) - Fans through e-mail

"Zippo Hot Tour"

Advanced to semi-finals in the Zippo Hot Tour Contest. 2006 - Zippo

"Album Review"

ROCKET's CD Review Of INTETHOD's 'Welcome To Nothing'
By Rocket
Published: June 5, 2007

Welcome To Nothing

North Carolina's Intethod clearly demonstrate they are one of the new contenders immediately out of the proverbial fire-blazed 'gates of hell' with 'Open Season' the first track off their debut album Welcome To Nothing,  and from this critical reviewers standpoint, they are more than ready to be considered one of the elite of the current wave of unsigned American metal bands rising quickly out of the underground scene today. Eeerily reminiscent of early Megadeth with their ability to set forth a chaotic display of no holds barred, high-speed rhythm rampage that at the same time involves creep-ified backing vocals and a perfectly orchestrated mid-tempo change for the chorus that clearly shows the exciting and fresh songwriting skills from Intethod's mainman Rory Kelly. Moreover, his guitar solo on this solid opener is one of the more memorable I have heard in all of metal in the past two years. Accompanied by the pinpoint drum work of Nolan Lawing and gut-low bass work of Jermaine Williams, Intethod cuts loose like an assassin's bullet with the next set of tracks, 'Break Down The Door', 'Classification Zero' and 'Branded Soul'.
 With more than enough flair for the 'metal' dramatics going on up to this point, inspired musicianship and a definitive understanding for the way true metal is to be represented, it sends shivers down my back listening to what could possibly become the real answer for the ultimate 'changing of the guard' of the tired out and therapy-addled thrash titan monster turned alternative-pop/rock creampuffs that is now Metallica, much more so convincingly than anything Avenged Sevenfold or Trivium has done to date even. And despite how much those imposters, who are simply looking for the big paycheck to keep their country club memberships paid off, standing for no literal musical integrity, willing to change their outfits and genres when the corporate stiffs holding their leashes tell them to do so, rolling over without any kind of fight. I think this is a moment and time for a 'little unknown band that could' like Intethod to send a serious message to sellout acts like the two I have mentioned, who might I add, continue to be hyped by everyone as the real deal, mainly the mainstream metal magazines who think prissy, mascara-clad emo rockers such as My Chemical Romance are an important enough heavy music band to put on their covers. And Intethod's message is this: 'Times are a changing and Intethod clearly has more than it takes to expose these fraudulent musical harlots!'
Case in point, track five's 'Worthless Sanity', which is way more representative of anything that was produced during the great NWOBHM movement from the 70's with acts like Iron Maiden and Judas Priest than anything I have ever heard produced by Trivium. And the solo on here from Rory Kelly is as ass-ripping as his super monster-ish vocals that still are able to find impressive harmony within the same lyric line. And furthermore, track six's 'Instrumental' is more heart wrenching and filled with creative soul than any of the lightweight, meaningless crap produced by all the emo/core acts with their atypical whines and 'three word' band names. The blistering tracks that follow even turn it up a notch with 'Casa Diablo', 'Equalizer' and 'Never Behold'. Point blank, it is here that Intethod has truly arrived with Kelly, Lawing and Williams sounding like they have literally stepped out of a time warp from when metal really meant something to its fans. Rounding out with hard hitters 'Judged And Crucified' and 'Mass Eraser', I do believe it is time for someone to send ole Monte Conner a retirement memo over at Roadrunner Records, who as I have recently learned, passed on this band.
1. Open Season
2. Break Down The Door
3. Classification Zero
4. Branded Soul
5. Worthless Sanity
6. Instrumental
7. Casa Diablo
8. Equalizer
9. Never Behold
10. Judged And Crucified
11. Mass Eraser
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- The Metal Den


Intethod - (Next Wave Records - 2008)
Buried in Misery (Independent - 2002)
Self Titled (Independent - 2004)

Single - "Ghost of You" (2004, Radio - 93.3 The Planet, Spartanburg SC)

Single - "Ghost of You" (2006, Radio - 106.5 The End, Charlotte, NC

Single - "Casa Diablo" (2004, MetalCom Internet Radio - broadcast in 57 countries)



Intethod (pronounced In-teth-ud, a word of Danish decent "intethed", which means "nothing".) was forged in the deep hills of North Carolina circa 2001. Rory Kelly (guitars, vocals) met Nolan Lawing (drums) at Western Carolina University and later brought Jermaine Williams on as bassist.

Intethod is a 3-piece metal outfit that has been shaped in the timeless, and sometimes forgotten, classic metal vein. Intethod does not believe in blending in. There are no coordinated outfits or staged acts, only amps, drums, attitude and the audience, who appreciate a no nonsense approach to metal. In their music, you will hear traces of "old-school" metal bands, where the musical ability and integrity of the genre really set the bar for today's metal. Bands such as Megadeth, Metallica, Testament, Pantera, and Iron Maiden, are bands that Intethod will certainly admit to looking up to.

Intethod has had the pleasure of sharing many stages with hundreds of bands and with such national acts as The Misfits (Myrtle Beach, SC), Lamb of God (Old Bridge, NJ), Celtic Frost (Charlotte, NC), Dragonforce (Charlotte, NC), Sanctity (Asheville, NC), Between the Buried and Me (Charlotte, NC), Goatwhore (Charlotte, NC), Candiria (Old Bridge, NJ), E-Town Concrete (Old Bridge, NJ), Soilent Green (Charlotte, NC), and Demiricous (Charlotte, NC).


2007 Project Independent NC Invitational Showcase
2006 East Coast Showcase - Most Professional Band Nomination
2006 East Coast Showcase - Staff's Choice Finalist
2006 Project Independent Local Semi-Finalist
2006 Zippo Hot Tour Regional Semi-Finalist

Broad Jam - Heavy Metal Top Ten Chart - October 5, 2006

#1 INTETHOD - 'Break Down the Door'
#2 INTETHOD - 'Classification Zero'
#3 INTETHOD - 'Ghost of You"

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