...in the Attic

...in the Attic


...in the Attic is a group of four musicians native to the Midwest. Together they explore the realms of Progessive Jam Rock, playing a diverse amount of styles in their originals, as well as covers. With their tight improvisations and intelligent structures, ...in the Attic is a musical dynamo!


..in the Attic (in th‘ at'ik) pn 1, A Midwestern musical quartet born on August 24 th 2006 and consisting of Blake Carr, Rory Harding, Christopher Peters, and Dustin Skelley. This group started small, but believes through their own skill, persistence and the favor of critics, club owners, and devoted fans that any level of success can be achieved. 2, A band from Winona, Minnesota whose influences and exploits are too vast and diverse to successfully summarize. Musical genres that are of particular interest to band members include Funk, Jazz, Latin Jazz, Progressive Rock, Drum n' Bass, Bluegrass, and Electronic Rock.

Each member of the band has gained valuable experience playing in other notable outfits such as The Northwoods Band, MoonDawg, Beet Root Stew, The Tri-Tones, etc. Since their first show on Oct. 31st, 2006, In the Attic has quickly become a local favorite. As word of mouth spreads the shows are getting bigger and better.

Most recently, Winona State University Jazz Instructor Rich MacDonald, has offered ...in the Attic a position as an officially sanctioned Winona State University Jazz Combo. This challenge will allow the band the opportunity to add horn players on a regular basis. In fact, having additional soloists is an idea ...in the Attic has already tested successfully with tenor saxophone player Matt Gurney, a phenomena player from Minneapolis, MN. They also gained the opportunity to be recorded at Viterbo University. Production should wrap up in May of '07.??

...in the Attic is a young band full of potential. After carefully considering the fact that good looks could only get them so far, the band has since been fully devoted to refining their original compositions as well as doing justice to the songs they cover. All in all, the band remains confident that their creativity, ingenuity, musical knowledge, experience, and attention to detail will earn them success where ever they perform.

We have shared the stage with:

Willie Waldman Project
Down Lo
Fat Maw Rooney
the Northwoods Band
Moon Dawg


September Demo September '07

Currently Awaiting the release of a Spring 2007 recording

Set List

A typical ..in the Attic set will be primarily originals with a few covers tossed in occasionally.

The songs we choose to cover vary from Jazz standards, Progressive Rock, Funk, to Jam Bands. Although no genre is out of the question.

We have played sets that range from 30 minutes to 3.5 hours.

We enjoy having guest musicians, as well as improvisation during our sets.