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Lexington, Kentucky, United States | SELF

Lexington, Kentucky, United States | SELF
Band Country Rock


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This band has not uploaded any videos




There are very, very few artists or songwriters that truly stop me in my tracks. I mean, the kind of stop where your mind goes away to somewhere else and you simply get lost. Buffy Lawson is that kind of artist. I met Buffy as a result of holding the Supercell of Giving Benefit Concert. It was my partner here at NashvilleHype!, Cathryn, who knew Buf and had ask her to play. It was the only time during the entire show I actually got a chance to breathe. After I introduced Buffy I walked out to the front, and just sat down. Lost in her talent. I mean LOST! I couldn't take my eyes off of her lost. It's un-natural. Her ability to write a song that has emotion is uncanny. And her vocal - what can be said? I'm serious when I say, they don't encourage you to write songs with emotion here in Nashville, least, not any more. But maybe that's changing. Jamey Johnson, mister 'Honky Tonk Badonkadonk' himself has one of the best songs out right now - 'In Color'. What an amazing song. And someone I haven't talked to in way too long, and another co-writer of 'Honky Tonk Badonadonk' , Randy Houser has also released a real song - 'Anything Goes'- which is a monster song. Both of these songs, and the voices behind them, will literally stop you in your tracks. They're real. They deal with life. They're country. And the best news? Both of these songs are gaining significant airplay. Which just gives me hope. Because Buffy Lawson, since leaving Bomshel in order to 'find her own voice', has just nailed it. Again. Follow that link and you'll read me raving about 'Sentimental Moment' - a song that's no longer on her Myspace. But 'Much of a Lady' is. And you HAVE to go take a listen. Unbelievable. Her talent is as beautiful as she is. That's really saying something. I'm in love with Buffy Lawson. Her music literally stops me in my tracks. UPDATE: 'Sentimental Moment' is BACK on Buffy's site!! While it's up, don't hesitate, go LISTEN!

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"Neil Diamond - Buffy Lawson Duet"

NEIL DIAMOND-BUFFY LAWSON Neil Diamond: "We tried different top stars on that song and nobody could top Buffy. - Billboard Magazine

"The Nashville Hype Songwriter of The Year Award Goes To Buffy Lawson"

Buffy wrote both of the years best songs, “Sentimental Moment” and “Much of a Lady” – both brilliantly written songs with messages of love, loss, faith, and being human. - Nashville Hype


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IN THE BUF slang: The state of being naked. Well, you will never find IN THE BUF performing in the nude, but this Country/Rock/Soul band knows how to strip it down to the core. Lead singer, Buffy Lawson is a powerhouse southern rocker who’s Tina Turner style of performing is sprinkled with touches of Dolly Parton and Emmlou Harris. Lawson has written songs for Bo Bice, Lorrie Morgan, (yes, Dolly!) and many more. She was signed to Curb records as the lead singer of the country duo Bomshel. Upon leaving the band Buffy took time off to focus on writing. She taught a songwriting workshop where she met drummer T.J. Taylor and lead guitar player, Shawn Durr. Never thinking she would put together another band and without even hearing their music, Lawson blurted out, “Ya’ll wanna be in my band!” The guys, thinking she was kidding, proclaimed “Hell yeah!” So there it began. No record labels conjuring up a manufactured perfect package. Just three inspired musicians hoping to make amazing music. Turns out, Shawn and T.J. had been writing and performing together for years were just as talented as Buf suspected. The threesome had weekly meetings over miller lite’s discussing the importance of having a truly musical, authentic, assholeless band. So there began the search for the remaining two soul partners. With the philosophy of “If it ain’t fun, we ain’t doin it” they finally found bass player Eric Brock. His deep pocket, amazing stage presence and genuine talent was a perfect marriage. They finally found the final amigo, Brandon Eaves, awesome guitar player and harmony singer. Brandon has been in many bands over the years as and was the icing on the cake. Performing all original tunes, IN THE BUF is likely to make you want to shake yo’ booty, go running naked in the rain and, the next morning, well, you just might need a little Hair of the dog…