In the Casket

In the Casket


Melodic and heavy metal from upstate NY.


In the Casket got together in the spring of 2006 to just play
some metal, release aggression and have a good time.We had all
been in different metal and punk bands over the years and
with none of us doing anything at the time we were all a
little anxious. After a few weeks of drinking beer, smoking
pot and just jamming out heavy melodic songs things seemed to
be clicking with everyone, personally and musically. We decided
to put more time and effort into this project than we had
originally planned. We started thinking of names for a bit and
came up with the name In the Casket. We played our first show
in July at Backstreet Billiards in Saratoga and recieved a lot
of good feedback and more offersfor shows started coming our way.
In late September into early October 0f 2006 we went into Mad Dog
Studios in Schenectady to record our first demo thanks to Mad Dog
and The Wakin Up with the Wolf show on PYX 106. Now with The Last
Nail EP finally finished we plan on writing lots of new material
in the coming months and playing as many shows as we can. We are
looking forward to the coming year and we are also looking forward
to many shows in the future with a lot of the sick bands from the


Last Nail demo - November 2006

Set List

This is usually our 30 minute set-

1- Bow to the Guilt
2- Comatose
3- As the World Burns
4- Days of Torment
5-The Human Struggle