in the end, we dance

in the end, we dance


if Brand New and Sparta had a love child and it was raised by Explosions in the Sky it would be, 'in the end, we dance.'


just some guys from Sarnia, Ontario who love to play music and love to share it.

for about ten years now Barry and Darryl have been playing music together. about three years ago, Daniel was added and he seemed to stick. and after an on-again-off-again relationship with a certain bass player who will remain nameless for the purpose of this bio, they recently added Josh to the mix and everyone is thrilled with this new arrangement. somewhere along the lines Joe began playing some trumpet for them, but he prefers it to be a part-time gig.


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Written By: in the end, we dance

my hands are steady
menaces of fate
my face a shape shift
affinity to iterate

a tyrant, a despot
cold and indifferent
i can move billions,
with a ticking instrument

i am time measured out
to best your wits and terrorize
ignore me and life will
vanish in spite of your eyes

i‘m of the essence
when i’m divided into increments
and i’ve seen mediums reverse
on themselves with vigilance

abandon utopia

Written By: in the end, we dance

we found our legs
with industrial eyes
sights set on paradise

and we built it
with calloused hands
and private enterprise


but our kingdom
it atrophied
into lord of the flies

and trespassing
heaven found
Eden decayed from inside


breeds violence
and we become tyrants