energetic powerful indie-rock from our heart


In-The-Go exists 10 years and during this long time the band changed their name several times. Those changes have also been part of the creative development and creation of the essence which is In-The-Go today". Before this step they released two albums in Croatian. In 2007 the most important change in bandhistory took place. Old singer left the band, and former bassist and author Frane Paic took over vocals and second guitar. They start using a laptop with live-recorded bass-guitar and electronic sounds.
This change gives concreteness, creative freedom and automatic strongness.
Result is a powerful and energetic album as well as a powerful and energetic band.


Frakcija - Predstava (2003)
Indigo - U Ovom trenutku (2007)
In-The-Go - We Should Be Quiet (2010)

Set List

1 hour of own songs