In The Light - Led Zeppelin Tribute

In The Light - Led Zeppelin Tribute


In The Light has a reputation for performing the best-sounding & most intense Led Zeppelin tribute shows throughout America. A young band with an extensive internet presence and following. They perform the music of Led Zeppelin with superb accuracy and with all of the authentic instrumentation.


Formed in 2004, In The Light has gained a reputation for performing the best-sounding and most intense Led Zeppelin tribute shows throughout much of America. In The Light is a group of young and passionate musicians, possessing a style, swagger and character completely their own and unlike any other tribute act. The band performs with all of Led Zeppelin's dynamics, tone, atmosphere and intensity in the "tight but loose" style. In The Light know exactly how to reproduce all of the essential facets of the Led Zeppelin sound and is the closest present-day re-creation of the sound and spirit of a Led Zeppelin live show.

Set List

1) Bring it on Home
2) She Got Long Black Wavy Hair
3) Thank You
4) Immigrant Song
5) Kashmir
6) Over the Hills
7) Rock and Roll
8) Celebration Day
9) How Many More Times
10) Communication Breakdown
11) You Shook Me
12) Dazed and Confused
13) Since I’ve Been Loving You
14) What is and What Should Never Be
15) Misty Mountain Hop
16) Dancing Days
17) The Ocean
18) No Quarter
19) We’re Gonna Groove
20) Stairway to Heaven
21) Black Dog
22) Whole Lotta Love
23) I Can’t Quit You Baby
24) The Lemon Song
25) Heartbreaker
26) Living Loving Maid
27) The Rover
28) Custard Pie
29) Out on the Tiles
30) When the Levee Breaks
31) Houses of the Holy
32) In the Light
33) D’yer Mak’er
34) Sick Again
35) Traveling Riverside Blues
36) The Rain Song
37) Babe I’m Gonna Leave You
38) Night Flight
39) The Crunge
40) Trampled Underfoot
41) Ten Years Gone
42) Good Times Bad Times
43) Nobody’s Fault But Mine
44) In My Time of Dying
45) The Wanton Song