In The Loop

In The Loop


A new concept in solo music performance. Equipped with an electric guitar, synthesizer and laptop, Matt Dickey interacts in real time with multiple layers of sound.


Matt Dickey is a guitarist, composer and arranger based in NYC. A graduate of Trinity College in Hartford, CT, he has studied with Dave Stoltz (of the Dickey Betts Band) and Bob Carabillo.

His musical influences are many, ranging from James Brown, Herbie Hancock and The Grateful Dead to many other jazz artists and classical composers such as Duke Ellington, John Coltrane, Tito Puente, Igor Stravinsky, Claude Debussy, and many others. More recently, DJ Shadow, DJ Cam and Portishead have stuck out as inspiring forces.

His musical projects have included leading his own former band The Truth, sideman status with various NYC projects such as Dr. Bellows, Avatar, and Ekayani and The Healing Band, and frequenting as a guest with Hartford’s own The Thang. He also frequently plays guitar for Philadelphia based R&B Soul singer R.C. Holmes, and he has toured briefly with Big Sam's Funky Nation.

Matt has also had several “one-time” engagements and “jam sessions” with many notable musicians: Adam Deitch (drums, John Scofield), Melvin Sparks (guitar), Eric Krasno (guitar, Soulive), Ivan Neville (Neville Bros), John Ellis (sax, Charlie Hunter), Matt Williams (bass, Coheed and Cambria), John Brewer (keys, Brian Jordan), and June Yamagishi (guitar, Papa Grows Funk), are just a few.

He has always had a keen interest in audio, as he is an aspiring engineer and producer. Over the past few years Matt has been developing his audio skills and adding more electronics, effects and technology to his creative approach. This unique combination of musical prowess and technological innovation now enables him to perform on stage completely by himself, as "the electronic one-man-band”, In The Loop.

In The Loop has unlimited musical and technological possibilities - soon evolving to include multimedia, dance, and other audience-participation interactive technologies.


Bright Idea - single (Matt Dickey with band - 2002)
The Prototype EP - (In The Loop - 2004)
You Can't Break The Beat - single (In The Loop - 2006)

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Set List

The set is non-stop music. In the past it has been as short as 30 minutes or as long as 2 and a half hours. Sonically it is similar to an electronic DJ set, but most of the music is improvised on the spot using a guitar, synth, and software-looping technology. This gives the music an organic, dynamic, live feel. Although most of the music is original, some artists that have been covered in the past include Pink Floyd and Eddie Harris.