In the Name of righteous ignorance

In the Name of righteous ignorance


we are a industrial rock band with grinding punk rock guitar riffs, searing synthasizers,viscious drum beats and drum machines,and lyrics so profound that it undermines every aspect of societies standards and instills fear in the hearts of all the ignorant.We are the next great american nightmare


In the Name of Righteous
“Sadistic” brings pleasure to listeners Los Angeles, CA –
“Sadistic” is the new single from I.N.R.I.’s forthcoming
self-titled release. The album, set for release mid-2008, is
a hammering attack of aggro-industrial, characterized by
blistering waves of synth, guitar crunch, scathing
percussion and brooding, ominous vocals. I.N.R.I.,
founded in 2005, is made up of Jason Morton (vocals,
guitar), Christian Thomsen (bass), Nick Thomsen (lead
guitar) and Ian Petit (guitar). “Sadistic” highlights the
album’s visceral, transgressive sound. The CD is
transgressive, both conceptually and musically, presenting
cutting edge interpretations of the industrial genre and
challenging the listener with no-holds-barred lyrics.
Sinister melodies, driven rhythms, mind-splitting drum
hooks and fear-inducing vocal attacks all fuse into a wall of
darkness rallying fans and iconoclasts under a banner of
musical and social revolution. “The whole album is a
reflection of my personal experiences with pain, anger and
animosity toward organized religion and ‘Sadistic’ sets it
off with my anger toward malicious, sadistic individuals
who are in my life,” says Morton. “This is my ode to them.”
Morton composed the bulk of the music on “I.N.R.I.”
Though he appears on the album as vocalist and guitarist,
he also has roots in drumming. His musical life prior to
I.N.R.I. found him playing drums for various acts. Plans
are being laid for live shows. With Morton’s attention
focused on songwriting, singing and guitar playing, I.N.R.I.
is in the process of auditioning drummers for stage
performances. Touring is anticipated for 2008. “I am very
dark and creative,” says Morton. “I will never stop making
music and I will never stop writing lyrics speaking out for
what I believe. I am a vessel filled with dignity and power
that no one can take away.” I.N.R.I. is currently working
with A&R Select, the world’s leading independent artist
development firm, based out of Los Angeles, CA. More
information is available by visiting


I have one ep called the crucifiedit has 10 tracks I have had them played on the radio and I am currently working on a new album

Set List

original songs by I.N.R.I.
Vendetta 4:53
Sadistic 5:50
new savior 3:03
My Soul's Serenity 3:22
Guns,God,Sissies,and Fags 3:35
Blasphemy 3:30
The Warmng 4:33
Vanity 3:47
Vixen of Lust 4:26
Lost Hope 4:09
cover songs
Sweet Dreams(M.Manson) 4:00
The Nobodies(M.Manson) 3:34
Im only happy when it rains(garbage) 3:56
1000000(NIN) 3:56
Capital G(nin) 3:50
The Great Destroyer(NIN) 3:52