In The Pines

In The Pines


The lonesome, howling voice of a forgotten middle America.


Lost somewhere between the hills music of O Brother Where Art Thou and the desparate murder ballads of Nick Cave lies In The Pines. A six piece acoustic machine to forever echo the stories of a simpler and uglier time in American history when men and women were born to suffer and sin was a way of life. Wall Street easily held its own while the center of the nation blew away in a cloud of dust. Families and farms uprooted and scattered in the constant struggle to find work and survive. In The Pines acts as the remaining ringing voice of these people and their continued hardships throughout the first quarter of the twentieth century.


Unrealeased 9 songs album - completed May 2005.

Set List

On The Table
Dress On Fire
The Why Song
Prison Ghost Song
The Handless Man
The Hymn Song
Never Say Too Much
For Love Instead

We perform no covers. Our sets run between one hour and one hour and fifteen minutes.