We sound like Sarah McLauglin wishing she were Trent Reznor.


In Therapy dedicates their musical gifts to raising both awareness and funds for the fight against childhood diseases by performing in all "Rockermoms Against Childhood Diseases" benefit concerts.

Phillips, a moonlighting massage therapist, was featured twice in Massage Magazine (with her guitar, of course!). Phillips dedicates her music and time to fundraising and producing. Former studio rehearsal pal, Dave Lopez of Flipsyde says, “Damn, that girl can sing.”

Backed by former drummer for the cult band, The Jenny Thing, Mike Phillips has appeared with TJT on Star Search and has collaborated with such musicians as Kurt Harland from Information Society.

Along with Zack Phillips, lead singer/guitarist for RIP Johnny, and the delicious Jenna Clingingsmith on backing vocals, In Therapy rocks with infectious fun and raises money to find cures for childhood diseases along the way. Look for their song, ‘Water’ on the soundtrack for the upcoming animated feature, ‘Eye of the Bennu’.


No Coward Soul

Written By: Edwina Phillips

You say no to unconventional ways and I move one step closer to the edge
You're afraid of what I am and what I might show you
I am the accused that you placed on this ledge
I'm the restless lion hungry for adventure
You're the frightened doe suffering in vain
I live the stories that you secretly dream
The story of your discontent you wear on your face
And there's so much more than your closed door will let you see
And you won't grow till you learn to stand on your own two feet

I can feel no pity for you
Welcome to the life you chose
Here you stand by your own hand
And I can stand no coward soul

I'll fill my life up with many tales of passion and dreams that came true
You'll go on blending in with any crowd
'Cause crawling is easier than falling
for you
And you don't know why I can't live within your boundaries
And I don't know how to be content in mediocrity


No courage, no strength to set yourself free
Well behaved slaves don't make history
I can feel no pity for you


Super Hero

Written By: Edwina Phillips

I used to wish that Superman
would fly right down to save me
if Flash could only take my hand
my fear would never chase me
but Dr. Doom was loomin' 'round the corner
and mom and dad just never had a clue
so chaos took its place at our dinner table nightly
and I wondered, Super Hero, where are you?

Sometimes I'd only hear them fight
but most times I would feel it
my signal burned into the night
but even Batman couldn't see it
so with my spider senses tingling I would hide away
and I'd pray for someone strong to hear my plea
professor, can you sense that I am here and I need help
won't you send one of your X
to rescue me and maybe

I could grow up to be Wonder Woman, tougher than the pain
I could fly away like a super human
and the world I know would never be the same
or this lame

You can't try to tell us everything will be okay
if we witness all the anger and your rage
and the worst thing you can do is to teach us to be you
if all the justice that we see
is on a comic page

I grew up fast, I grew up strong
I'm special and I feel this
and funny, since you've come along
there's no villain that could steal this
'cause you and I are the real dynamic duo
I don't need those other guys to make it through
what I've needed all along is to know that I am strong
the only super heroes here
are me and you

And I have grown up to be a Wonder Woman
I'm tougher than the pain
I can fly away, I am a super human and the world I know
will never be the same


Our first CD, Erised (2003) can be heard at our myspace site:
The song 'Water' will be featured in the upcoming movie 'The Eye of the Bennu'

Our second CD is a few weeks away from completion.

Set List

Our list varies according to the venue. At one of our shows, we were asked to perform an hour and a half of 80's music. Lots of flashback fun.

Normally, our set is about 45-60 minutes long with at least 5 of our own songs and 4 covers. We cover everything from Tori Amos to Blur to Johnny Cash.