In The Tradition

In The Tradition


With four well received CD releases internationally and highly acclaimed concert appearances and CD reviews, In The Tradition is the foremost African-centered Jazz group of it's kind in the united States. Their latest recording "Sirius!" is one of the top digital releases of 2012.


In The Tradition was formed in 1993. They have appeared on the Detroit Jazz Festival, Cool Nights, Columbus Jazz and Rib Festival, Baker's Keyboard Lounge, The Charles Wright Museum of African-American History, Idlewild Music Festival, and numerous other venues. Their Personnel Consists of Imari Jendayi, Vocals, Violin, Flute, and Precussion; Foluke Shearer, Piano; Greg Cook, Bass; Djallo Djakate, Drums; Kefentse Chike, Djembe and Congas; Charles Hopkins, Trumpet, Flugalhorn, and Mellophone; Olujimi Tafataona, Saxophones, Flutes, and Arranger; Melanie White, Trombone; and Mark Berger, Baritone Saxophone.


In The Tradition AFJ 1901 2003
Fikira AFJ 1902 2007
The Tradition Continues! AFJ 1903 2009
Sirius! AFJ 1905/6 2012