In The Trench

In The Trench


For heavy music fans. Sounds familiar but like nothing you ever heard before. Creative yet listenable metal. Lots of hardcore influence with power grooves, thrash, and even occasional singing harmonies to compliment the brutal vocals. Excellent chemistry & live energy. Play for 50 like it's 50,000.


Metal bands in Texas are like sand in a desert, a band needs to be original to stand out. In The Trench is a fresh "up-and-coming" act with an energetic, captivating live performance gauranteed to keep a crowd's attention. Representing the average, fed-up American, In The Trench sends a bold message opposing corrupt authority and social control in our sadly complacent communities. This five-peice came together in the central Texas area but its members come from a variety of backgrounds and locations. Their guitar driven power-grooves and thrash elements come together with brutal vocals to create an interesting and original style that has been infectious in the Texas metal scene thus far. This is a group of hard-working musicians that are dedicated to there fans. In The Trench is one showstopper that is here to make their mark.

A short list of those we have shared the stage with:

devildriver-mushroomhead-nonpoint-in this moment-hed pe-spineshank-divine heresy-brujeria-mudvayne-silent civilian-devolved-powerman 5000-the destro-suicide silence-within chaos-motograder-dark sun-ankla-carcass-drowning pool-possessed-samael-scum of the earth-sadistic intent-ninetail


In The Trench (self-titled debut)

Set List

Life, Lies, Consent
The Singularity
American Drug War
Last Chance
Murder Incentive

Our set varies. We usually play thirty to fourty minute (6-8 songs) sets. Occasionally play a cover at hometown shows.