In The Wake

In The Wake


Bipolar Music, raw and energetic rock and roll.


In The Wake provides listeners the opportunity to experience highly energetic and highly melodic rock ‘n’ roll. By fusing contemporary influences such as Coldplay and mewithoutYou with more established ones such as Led Zeppelin and The Beatles, In The Wake achieves a unique sound that often suggests the outfit may have come from somewhere on the other side of the Atlantic but still nevertheless touches on universal emotional truths. Formed in early 2005 by Bryce Weinberg (guitar/vocals), Michael Archibold (guitar), Jerrmey Hilton (drums), all former members of the Wichita, Kansas-based punk rock band Roam, In The Wake quickly became known for its emphasis on high-energy live shows and highly memorable songs, including “Middle of the Floor,” “Save You, Not Me” and the heavy, Black Sabbath-inflected “You Know Who You Are.” The quartet, which is rounded out by bassist Matt Wimberly, closed 2005 by working on its upcoming debut EP Tumult and establishing further establishing itself as a live presence in the Midwest and beyond. Having shared the stage with a wide array of acts including mainstream rockers Downtown Singapore and Meryll as well as hill country blues outfit Moreland and Arbuckle, the In The Wake appeals to a wide variety of fans who have one thing in common––a love of emotionally-charged music that leaves them wanting more.


-Middle Of The Floor Single-
1.Middle Of The Floor
2.You Know Who You Are+

-Demos E.P.-
1.Save You Not Me*+
3.Middle Of The Floor*+
4.Let It Go
5.Again and Again

*Radio Airplay (Fly 92.7 Wichita, KS)
+Downloadable off

Set List

Save You Not Me
Middle Of The Floor
Let It Go
Again and Again
Bleed The Song
Paid Programming
You Know Who You Are
First Sign Of The Guard
Paper Box
Silenced By The Glow