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In the Wake


In the Wake is an intense male-fronted, female-backed hard rock quartet. These skilled players perform heavy and intricate yet catchy music with reflective lyrics that touch on every edgy subject imaginable.


In the Wake has put the finishing touches on their first 5-song EP. Producer Sean Gregory of Voodoo Records has mixed and mastered the CD and it is available at live shows and through the band.

In the Wake is an intense male-fronted, female-backed heavy rock quartet. The band came together after Ivy (bass), Monica (drummer) and Jen (guitarist) split from their former all-female band and decided to seek out a singer who fully complimented their unique musical sound. Allan came to them via an on-line ad, although whether he was male or female was undetermined until they all met in person one fateful day.

Each band member has different influences and musical interests: rock, metal, hip-hop, jazz, country, classical and more. In the Wake plays original heavy rock music and the combination of all of these musical tastes can be heard in songs like “Waiting for the Sun”, which features driving guitar riffs, pounding double kick on the drums, textured bass lines, growling back-up vocals yet also a melodic vocal line and beautiful vocal harmonies, an anthemic chorus and eerily hypnotic guitar phrases.

No subject is too edgy to make its way into an In the Wake song. The world is an imperfect place, which is probably what makes it such a great place to be…and this is perhaps what In the Wake is all about.

In the Wake has been recording with producer Sean Gregory of Voodoo Records, who has recorded many great bands/artists including Cauterize, Mudmen, Warmachine, The Hellz Kitchen Show, Ember Swift and more. "Waiting for the Sun", the band’s first single, has been well received by fans (who can get free copies of it as Allan, Ivy and Jen hurl copies of it off the stage during shows).

In the Wake's “kick-you-in-the-face” live shows are bringing people in the doors and their catchy, refreshing and hard-driven songs are bringing them back for more.


Waiting for the Sun and Big Black Cars (available through the band and on various on-line radio stations)
5-Song EP - Produced and Recorded by Sean Gregory of Voodoo Records. Available in summer 2007.

Something cool: In the Wake's first single, "Waiting for the Sun" can be heard at the end of this very intense movie trailer ( for the student film "Small World," written and produced by Terrence Hand of Seneca College. Terrence also produced In the Wake's first music video, which can be seen at

Set List

Typical set list: 35 to 50 minutes
Song List: Systems, Big Black Cars, Radiate, Waiting for the Sun, Far, Grind, Burn, Sixty-Eight, Formulaic, Teeth and Bones, The Fall, Safe and Sound, Laura's Waltz.
Occasional cover songs by artists such as System of a Down, Tool, Deftones, etc.