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"Waking The Dials EP Release Show"

by Brandon Ellis

It was ten o'clock on a Saturday night and the Blue Lounge was beginning to fill a bit early. Those kinds of dives are the stomping grounds of the perpetually fashionably late, but that particular night was special.

A six-dollar cover charge gained entrance and a CD, the new four-track split EP by local sets In The Wake and Dialin Watts. The split, titled Waking the Dials, showcases firstly two tracks from DW, a surprisingly young band. This is their first release in the six months they have been playing as a group. Their sound often smacks of Deftones, though undoubtedly they would be less than flattered to hear it. Just don't confuse the comparison: they rock hard and original with music that sounds straight out of a vampire-flick sound track.

In The Wake has the advantage of being a favorite of mine, one of the best local bands around. They have a jazzy noisiness that changes from song to song, the latter quality lacking in the majority of local rock pieces. Their brand of rock is a refined one, each song with a personality of its own. Tracks three and four on the split are their auditory boomerang, commanding movement from the listener with a sound that propels the observer around the room.

These bands are two of quite a few that frequent Barleycorns, THE haunt of the local rock scene. In a fit of nostalgia that those involved thought fit the occasion, they decided hold the show at the place where Barleycorns got its start. Both after and before it was the Blue Lounge, 608 E. Douglas was the home of Barleycorns. The pair has the same owner, but few shows take place at the Blue Lounge these days.

The show itself was well-played and well-received. The July 12 show also happened to fall on the birthday of ITW guitarist Michael "Archie" Archibold, and a gracious crowd had a line of shots waiting for him between songs. Despite the constant barrage of hard-liquor, Archie maintained as an ever-impressive guitarist, pulling of an excellent solo in his signature violin-bow on guitar fashion. The technique is rare, having been duplicated only once locally (to band knowledge), but the result of the odd mixture is definitely one worth hearing.

In The Wake is currently promising a full release, but no date is currently set.
Be sure to catch both bands at upcoming shows. - Naked City

"In The Wake Kills at Barleycorn's"

by James Dean

In The Wake made up of three Roam formers and on other ridiculously talented cat, is aptly named for it's overpowering energy. It could go down in local legend as one of the strongest acts ever produced. It's a brand new, together, but overwhelmingly experienced group of musicians that brings passionately written, high-energy songs that can't be ignored.

With quite possibly the best Gibson playing Wichitan since Lance Threat, In The Wake's lead guitarist, Michael Archibold, brings poise, timing and soul. ITW has impressed me more than any new local band ever has. I was stunned by numerous moments of song writing genius while trembling at the knees from great sonic sound. I stood at the stage, like a puppy waiting by the front door.

- f5


In The Wake is currently finishing up in the studio with their first full length album. The album is set to be released in April, a tour of the midwest is also being scheduled to start in April.

1. 2 Song Single
Middle of the Floor
You Know Who You Are

2. Demos EP
Save You, Not Me
Middle of the Floor
Let It Go
Again & Again

3. Waking The Dials-Split EP with band Dialin Watts
Middle of the Floor (rerecorded for this EP)
Again & Again (rerecorded for this EP)

ITW recently put music on Last.FM

-played on KICT-95 Wichita Kansas
-played on the Fly 92.7 Wichita Kansas
-radio play on various other stations in the MidWest



In The Wake has played with such notable acts as Maroon 5, Hawthorne Heights, Emory, Aiden, Emanuel, Scary Kids Scaring Kids, and Downtown Singapore.

Each member of In The Wake comes from different backgrounds, and as a result has different musical tastes which collide to form a unique sound.

ITW performs original material written by Michael Archibold and Bryce Weinberg.

"He brings me an amazingly complicated and beautiful riff, and I ask him 'where's the hook?'", Weinberg said about the writing process. "Then we figure out what the hook is going to be, and it just comes together after that."

Weinberg writes most of the song's lyrics, and he doesn't hold anything back. ITW's songs tell many stories of love and hate, dreams and fears, and light and shade.

The result of the writing process is a powerful balance demonstrating that in fact you can not have light without it casting a shadow.

Michael "Archie" Archibold's primary music interest is based on 60s era music. It is evident to members of an In The Wake audience that Jimmy Page has profoundly inspired Archibold's instrumentation. He delivers intense melodies and haunting riffs to carry the listener through an explosive set.

Bryce Weinberg is the trendiest member of In The Wake. This has lead to a love and an understanding of pop music, and how to make pop music. Weinberg's biggest influence growing up has been Oasis, and it shows. He has also been compared time and time again to Bert McCracken of The Used, although he shies away from this comparison.

Jerrmey Hilton is an indie underdog, drawing inspiration from bands such as Me Without You, The Libertines, The Bled, and Mars Volta. Though his favorite music comes from modern indie bands, his drumming and mannerisms have been compared to Keith Moon of the Who.
Matt Wimberly has diverse musical tastes, with a tendency toward 60's pop music.

There is no weak link on stage, each member of the band brings their "A" game to every single performance, not detracting attention from the other members but adding up to be a complete show.

Before the mature sound of In The Wake came to be, members of the band were in other bands ranging from hardcore punk to psychedelic experimental rock bands.