A wild ride through Andean folk tunes, tangos from Argentina, Brazilian sambas, and throbbing, sobbing Mexican love songs. Shifting among 30 instruments, Inti-Illimani weaves an intricate and always-changing tapestry of sound.from whispery ballads to intoxicating explosions of flutes and drums.


Inti-Illimani (Ayamara dialect: Inti - sun; Illimani - mountain near La Paz, Bolivia and pronounced Inte-E-gee-mane).

For four decades Inti-Illimani's music has intoxicated audiences around the globe. In 2007, Inti-Illimani celebrated its 40th anniversary and the release of Pequeno Mundo, its forty-third album. Wedded in traditional Latin American roots and playing on more than 30 wind, string and percussion instruments, Inti-Illimani's compositions are a treasure for the human spirit. Their mellifluous synthesis of instrumentals and vocals captures sacred places, people's carnivals, daily lives, loves and pains that weave an extraordinary cultural mural.

Known for their open-minded musical approach, the "Intis" had a much different mission in mind when they met in the 60's at Santiago Technical University - to become engineers. Luckily for the world, their love of music encouraged their restless souls to explore the indigenous cultures of Chile, Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador and Argentina. In some of the poorest, purest and most ancient cultures they discovered Andean music and in a sense their roots. Inti-Illimani's music became Latin America's visceral link between pueblo and people, vivified in Nueva Cancion.

In 1973, Chilean President Salvador Allende was deposed while Inti-Illimani was on tour in Europe. The young musicians found themselves without patria or passport. Italy became their home for the next 14 years. In 1988, they were warmly welcomed back to Chile, moving home permanently in 1990. Inti-Illimani became, and remains, South America's ambassadors of human expression. Their unique sound - forged with passion and poetry - is a mantra for peace in the world and within ourselves.

They have appeared on Amnesty International stages with Peter Gabriel , Bruce Springsteen, Mercedes Sosa, Sting, and Wynton Marsalis; at benefit concerts for the Victor Jara Foundation (London, Dortmund, Glasgow) with Peter Gabriel, Paco Pena, John Williams, Emma Thompson, Karen Matheson, Maria Farantouri, Salsa Celtica, and the Rambert Dance Company and has shared the stage with Federico Fellini, Patricio Manns, Arja Saijonmaa, Holly Near, Mercedes Sosa, Youssou’n’Dour, and Pete Seeger. It has been honored with the 1990 Lion of Venice, a Human Rights Award from UC Berkeley in 1997, and a nomination at the British Academy of Music (soundtrack category) for the 1982 BBC Film "The Flight of the Condor".

Jorge Coulon, the group’s founding member, in an interview stated: "We have never been so political that it was propaganda. We are not a political group in that sense, but we have always been politically engaged. We have a concept of society and about the relationships between human beings, and we try to translate our ideas into our sound, not to be part of one political party or another but in the sense to bring about a better world."

Pequeno Mundo , continues Inti-Illimani’s exploration of Latin American, Afro-Latino, and Italian sounds and includes the group’s first foray into jazz-flavored composition. Its title track offers fans a preview of the soundtrack, composed by Inti-Illimani, to the animated film "My Little World", which is slated for release next year. My Little World is the first full length animated feature by independent filmmaker Mike Nguyen (Supervising Animator for Iron Giant). Longstanding admirers of the band will be delighted to see that in addition to Inti-Illimani’s existing members, the CD features the work of several special guests who have a strong historical connection to the group, including founding member Max Berru, past members Pedro Villagra and Renato Freyggang, and longtime collaborator and dear friend Patricio Manns.

Since 2002, Inti-Illimani has welcomed four new members. “I believe the group at this moment is very modern; I would even say it’s in the vanguard,” stated Jorge Coulon in an interview with AARP Segunda Juventud. “What pleases me about this group today is that the creative risks it is taking are very much in keeping with our history while opening us to many perspectives, many possibilities.” Manuel Merino, musical director since 2002, sees the recording of Lugares Comunes (Common Places), released in 2003, as the point at which the newly configured ensemble came together. As the band’s sound continues to embrace new musical sensibilities, the younger Intis are mastering classics like “Lo Que Ma Quiero” and “Candidos”, which remain in the concert repertoire. But they don’t feel constrained by the musical legacy they have inherited. Says Daniel Cantillana, violinist and frequent lead vocalist who has collaborated with Merino on some of the new material, “rather, these songs establish an intangible aesthetic framework that lets us know whether a song can fit within what we do. It is our identity, and if it determines what we do, it does so very subtly.”

In addition to its tours and recordings, in 2004 Inti-Illimani’s music was use



Written By: Inti-Illimani

Malaguena (3:08)
Traditional Mexican

Si en Málaga tú naciste
Pero aquí te conocí
Recordariás que dijiste
Que tú me amabas a mí
Y ahora vivo solo y triste
Y enamorado de ti
Malhaya quien me dio a mí
Tanto amor para quererte
Y ahora tengo que sufrir
El amarte y no tenerte
compadécete de mí
Ya dejé aquellos caminos
Que anduve de amor enfermo
Siento nuevos desatinos
pero si te veo me acuerdo
del tiempo en que nos quisimos
Al tiempo en que nos quisimos
Es imposible volver
Cartas y prendas rompimos
Malagueña, di qué hacer
Con los besos que nos dimos


Pequeno Mundo
Producciones Artisticos Inti-Illimani Ltd.

Lugares Comunes
Xenophile Records (USA)
Warner Music Latin America

Inti-Illimani: Antologia en vivo
Warner Latin America

Inti-Illiamni: The Best of 1973-1987
Warner Latin America

Inti-Illimani performs Victor Jara
Warner Latin America

The Best of Inti-Illimani
Xenophile Records (USA only)
(selections from Andadas, Arriesgaré la Piel, Lejania, Amar de Nuevo)

La Rosa de los Vientos
a 33 minute Cantata with Inti-Illimani, the Orquesta Clasica de la Universidad de Santiago (conductor Santiago Meza) and the Coro Madrigalista de la Universidad de Santiago
EMI, Chile

EMI, Chile
Inti-Illimani with the Orquesta Clasica de la Universidad de Santiago

Amar de Nuevo
EMI, Chile
Xenophile Records, USA

Xenophile Records, USA

Grandes Exitos
EMI, Chile

Arriesgaré la Piel (I Will Risk My Skin)
Xenophile Records, USA
EMI, Chile
Warner Music, Italy

The Best of Inti-Illimani
Warner Music, Italy

Andadas (Wanderings)
Xenophile Records, USA, Europe
Alerce, Chile

Leyenda (Legend)
with John Williams and Paco Peña

Fragmento de un Sueno
(Fragments of a Dream)
with John Williams and Paco Peña

De Canto y Baile (From Song and Dance)
RCA, Italy

RCA, Italy

El Vuelo del Condor (Flight of the Condor)

RCA, Italy

Inti-Illimani en Directo (Inti-Illimani Live)
EMI, Italy

Gracias a la Vida (Thanks to Life)
(with Arja Saijonmaa)
Metronome, Sweden

Cancion para matar a una Culebra
(Song to Kill a Snake)

Set List

Inti-Illimani offers a retrospective covering their 40-year history and selections from their most recent albums Pequeno Mundo and Lugares Comunes.
Typically performances are two 50 minute sets with a 15-20 minute intermission.