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South America born, Texas raised. Citizen of the world/independent traveling musician. Explored 43 countries & counting. Follow me! = )

Tropical Beats+Acoustic Rock= Intilusion


Dario's songwriting style can only be described as heart felt, raw and timeless. Dario's trips around the world and down to earth personality helps Intilusion's music be eclectic and fun.  Intilusion was formed in 2007 in Dallas, TX by Ecuadorian born singer/songwriter Dario. Intilusion’s first copyrighted album, 2007’s Por Fin, was written and performed entirely by Dario. Fans responded positively to the songs and in 2008 Intilusion presented the second album Espejos & Landscapes in collaboration with various musicians from the Dallas area.  Intilusion  has played dozens of shows across the USA since 2007 and the first TV appearance occurred in West Palm Beach, Florida in November 2009 where Dario performed the songs: "Cenizas," "Get Over Yourself," and "Pills."  In February 2010, Intilusion reached the finals of the Battle of the Bands organized by MTV3 Dallas.  
 "UNIQUE STYLE" - Univision Dallas
In early 2011, Dario picked up his acoustic guitar and started to write songs using  guitar riffs with a tropical kick to it.    In late 2011, Dario started to play acoustic shows with superb tropical percussionists under the Intilusion banner. In summer of 2012 Intilusion released its third album "Vulnerable." The album was well received by fans and the acoustic rock/tropical fusion was born. Intilusion played shows at the Dallas House of Blues and followed up with a trip to Miami for the Miami Hard Rock Cafe Music and Arts Festival with a great response by the crowd. In early 2013, Intilusion toured the House of Blues Foundation Room in Los Angeles, Chicago and New Orleans. Following up with a second visit to New Orleans at the House of Blues Foundation Room during Jazz Fest.   Dario continued to seek for opportunities to expose Intilusion's music across the world and in late 2013 the year was closed with performances in Sydney, Australia and Beijing, China.  In early 2014.  Intilusion continues to perform Internationally with the first visit in the Caribbean country Dominican Republic at the Hard Rock Café and a few shows in Florida as well as a quick stop in Austin during the closing day of the SXSW Festival.   Shows played in the cities of New Orleans, Dallas and San Francisco in support of the Rock 'n' Roll 1/2 Marathon series shows that in the music world,  Intilusion knows no boundaries.  Intilusion closes the summer of 2014 with shows in Northern Europe in the cities of Copenhagen, Oslo and Amsterdam.  Whether the performances are on his own with an acoustic guitar, a duo with a percussionist or plugged in with a full band, Dario's vision to make Intilusion a musical institution is alive and well.


One Moment

Written By: Dario

I wish that I could have you
only for one moment
without here, I'm incomplete
I don't want to be beneath you
only for one moment
I want you, only you
I see you trapped in, I see you trying
you dont know but Im yours
I see you dying, I see you lying
everyday, feel my pain
Estabas en mi cabeza y mi corazon
vete ya, vete ya
I see you trapped in, I see you dying
I see you trying, I see you lying
everyday, feel my pain
Estabas en mi cabeza y mi corazon
vete ya, vete ya


Por Fin - 2007
Espejos & Landscapes -2009
One Moment- Single 2012

Set List

Intilusion plays original material from the album Por Fin, Espejos & Landscapes, as well as new songs. Set duration is anywhere from 30 - 45 minutes.

Original Songs:

One Moment
Lost Treasure
The Enchanted Pen
Get Over Yourself
Lewisville Lake
Arbol de Hule