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Into Century

Los Angeles, California, United States

Los Angeles, California, United States
Band Rock Classic Rock


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Into Century.....We play hard american westcoast influenced rock"

Tell me about your band and how long have you been in it?
My band is called “Into Century”. We play hard american westcoast influenced rock – you can compare us with Foo Fighters or Queen Of The Stoneage – same kind of genre, but Into Century are a little harder though. We are 4 guys who have been working very hard to make things happen and now it seems, that we are getting close to a breakthrough.

MTV in USA have our music video to our song “Dare” on their website – and that is pretty unusual for a Danish band to achive this. So we are very happy about it. We have been playing for nearly 5 years now and we have just finished our second album. As we speak our management is working with the album in Germany, Sweden and in the US, so the future is very exiting.

What is the music scene like in copenhagen/denmark/scandinavia?
Well…the music scene in Denmark is very different from the rest of the nordic countries. In Denmark most bands are very influenced by the English Indie music scene. In sweden for example, the scene is much more wide…. on one side swedes love their Carola and the European Song Contest, but on the other hand the same people might also fancy good old fashioned heavy rock. Haha…..the rock scene in sweden is much bigger than the Danish, which is also the reason for my band to concentrate on the Swedish scene.

Another thing to say about the Nordic musicscene is that we have a lot of very talented musicians. Because of a long tradition for musicschools and music academys in all of the nordic countries, we now have a lot of great upcoming bands these days.

What do you think of music today?
Music has always been – and will always be – amazing to work with. It keeps evolving and a lot of interesting tendencies is happening right now. On one side a lot of new Indie bands keep seing the light of day, but at the same time it seems that heavy rock is getting bigger again after some years in the shadow. So I’m curious to see where that takes us. Another thing about music today is, that – as in all other businesses by the way – technology has given musicians and producers a wide palette of tools. All that new technology and software can change music – both how it sounds and how it is made – completely in the future.

What do you dream of?
Well…if you one time in your life have experienced to be on a stage before 20.000 people on a stadium, you will always want to experience that again and again and again. That is the most incredible feeling ever! So my dream is of course, that I and the band can get to the point where we can tour the world with our shows. - Nordic Man


October 2009 INTO CENTURY signed with Sony.

2010. Radio air play Denmark
2011. On MTV with their single "Dare"

2012. Internet Radio air play USA
2012. On MTV with their song "Nobody's Slave"
2012. Shopping their new Album



INTO CENTURY is a well established band on the Danish rock scene. Within the last 5 years, they have played at nearly every venue /music scene in Denmark. And abroad they’ve had gigs in the UK and at several venues in California.
Due to Jon's very rare and unique voice, combined with the bands incredible high standards, INTO CENTURY have made themselves a huge score of fans, and with sold out concerts throughout the years, they truly are one of Denmark's most successful live bands.
In October 2009 INTO CENTURY signed with Sony. And their debut album “Into your Sun” was released.
On this first album the boys worked with music producer PETE MARTINEZ. (Queens of the Stone Age, Horrorpops and Backyard Babies).
In 2011 INTO CENTURY released the single "Dare" from their upcoming sophomore album, independently.

The music video for “Dare” was put in rotation on and has to date had more than 24.000 views.

Then in 2012 INTO CENTURY returned to California to record for their new album.

While in LA, they played gigs at “Whiskey a Go Go” & “The Key Club”, as well as shooting their next music video for the song “Nobody’s Slave”.

Because of their great success with their first music video and their unique sound in active rock, INTO CENTURY were invited to play a show case at MTV headquarters in Santa Monica.