We are a three piece that play pop/rock songs with delicious melodies and memorable choruses! We are a fusion of both rock and pop with a few other things thrown in.


intothesound are a three–piece rock band from Glasgow, Scotland. We were formed in the summer of 2003 out of pure necessity!
Song writing duties are shared between Ross Ferguson (guitars/vocals) and Sean Burke (bass) so our songs don't have that predictability or familiarity about them that you associate with bands that have a sole-writer. Both Ross and Sean have very different styles and influences and we believe that this makes us a very interesting proposition.
All of the band members have been in and around the Glasgow live scene for the past few years in other local bands and have finally found a home in this band.
We have recently made our recording debut - a 4 track demo CD of original material called ‘a fragile sense of order’ which is available from our website.
Influences are many and varied and include The who, Jeff Buckley, American Hi-Fi, the wildhearts, muse and much more.


'A fragile sense of order' - 4 track self financed EP

Set List

A typical setlist will involve 5 or 6 songs and come in at around 25-30 minutes. We like to keep the sets up beat. A typical example of our recent sets would be : 1. Starting to happen 2. Quicksand 3. Velocity 4. Gone 5. Bliss
We do have one standard cover that we do occasionally should the gig merit it - namely aha's 'sun always shines on tv' which we have rocked up a bit and pretty much claimed as our own. :) We do have about 10 songs to choose a standard set from.