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New York City, New York, United States

New York City, New York, United States
Band EDM Pop


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Wildlife is a Brooklyn-based electronic trio with a penchant for tight analogue riffs. From start to finish NATURE has a sort of cool, Summer’s night kind of feel and at the moment I’m finding it difficult to turn the repeat button off. This is one of those jams that makes it hard to play something after because the vibe is so strong. Their International Girl EP is set to drop sometime this summer with Fall tour dates to follow. - www.hotbizzies.com


Chromeo fans, eat your heart out. Brooklyn-based Wildlife are a fun electronic group that are perfect for your 2009 summer, however little left there may be of it.
What I love about Wildlife is that while their sound is very clean, they've also tinged their lyrics with a bit of a wink. Their influences aren't solely electronic, either; there's clearly bits of hip-hop at work here, and their music is all the better for it. To put it frankly, these are smart musicians.
- www.yourexloverisdeadblog.blogspot.com


Have you ever heard of Brooklyn-based trio Wildlife? Well you have now, so here's a rundown of what they’re about.

They make funky electronica spliced with hints of House, Nu Jazz, R&B and hip-hop. It’s ideal for playing at medium volume on a Friday after work, as you smoke the first cigarette from a freshly cracked deck and iron the creases on your favourite shirt.

International Girl is quite addictive. It has a clean, crispy sound that doesn’t get tiring like dirty bangers which, after hours of distortion, can make your cochleas explode.

This record tells the story of three well-mannered musicians who got together to make music influenced by what they grew up finding in their parents’ vinyl collections. So these influences run deep - this is the work of producers that probably stay in the studio into the early hours, skipping meals and showers to mix an eclectic, nuance-filled EP. - http://blousesydney.blogspot.com/2009/07/into-wild.html


...the music, is pure awesomeness. It’s soulful.. It’s sexy.. It’s funky electro.. And it’s better than Chromeo. There, I said it, it’s better than Chromeo. And it doesn’t even border on being a joke. This is baby-making music right here. Do yourself a favour and get to know this band, it’s worth it. - www.dangerdanger.org


...some nice soulful electronica from NYC trio Wildlife. Really loving this self titled track soooo much. I sense some kind of chart success… they better get a decent video cut! - www.partycmyk.com


International Girl EP (2009)



From out of the rubble of a crumbling empire emerges Wildlife, inviting you on a pulse-pounding prehistoric journey through the electronic wilderness of uncertain times. This New York City--based trio specializes in club-thumping anthems to pleasure any palate, employing an army of instruments and influences--from pop, disco, funk, house, and tropicalia to the ancient mating calls of the myna bird--to conquer the fortresses of inhibition and guide listeners victoriously through the lush gardens of possibility.

A small step for Wildlife--and a giant leap for mankind--their upcoming International Girl EP brings you unforgettable hooks, throbbing beats, and infectious melodies that combine the cool serenity of eternal truth with the thrust and gusto of a galactic space engine, stimulating your primal instincts and flinging you fearlessly into the future.