Into The Wind

Into The Wind


Music doesn't ask permission to speak to the heart, it just does. I create in order to engage and either meet a listener where they are at, or bring them to a new experience. I don't hide meaning behind cliché or obscure "artistic" words, but let simplicity and truth grip listeners.


I started writing music five years ago with a couple of friends. Within one month we had written enough songs and drove to a small college in Mankato, Minn to record. We were together for one year, and we played 65 shows all over Iowa and the midwest. At the end of the year we recorded our second album and sold 700 copies within a couple months. We broke up after our guitarist moved to a national band that year. Two years later our band came back together, but this time because we all played on the same worship team for Cornerstone Church. Although I loved being on the road, I began to see the benefits of writing for a central audience. I got to interact with my audience on a weekly basis, instead of just five minutes after a show.



Written By: Ryan Seiler

The hour bell invades the night
he awakes to draw his lover nigh
an empty pace where she once lay
he roles over and begins to cry

you console my pain

his prayers echo in the night
sometimes he thinks it was him who died
he can't hear but he is heard
he can't feel but he is healing still

and how long, how long, and where are you?
I will sing to the Lord, for He has been good to me
His grace is what carries me

Prison March In Late July

Written By: Ryan Seiler

You can tell by the green in the sky it's an alarming one
the thunder clap rolls in and the blinding lightning strikes
brace myself like a man, He will question I will answer Him
Everything inside me, it sinks like a vessel to the waters deep

Put my hand over my mouth it's a fire set to consume the whole
I've spoken once, twice, but I will say no more
It is I who has darkened your council with my ignorance
I hold my tongue and step back into your fold

Seasons Toll

Written By: Ryan Seiler

She watches the seasons come and go
stale as a fog, though as thunder her heart rolls
and deep in her eyes is the sun shining bright
but it's all covered up and weighed down by a thick winter snow

thinking I, I left my heart somewhere back at home
If I could turn back, I've forgotten the roads

He makes her lie down in green pastures again
He leads her beside still waters till she knows what to depend on
She watches the seasons come and go
but now she has Him to lean and hold on to

thinking I, I left my heart somewhere back at home
if I could turn back I've forgotten the roads
If you take my hand you can restore my soul
forever, no matter what the seasons toll


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