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Our music is a diverse collection of Classic Rock, Blues and Alt Country. A collaboration of five minds, coming from five distinct musical backgrounds.


Rock and roll ain't pretty and Charlottetown's Intoxicado won't argue with that. Why should it be? With a sound that nestles, strangely enough, between sleazy Sunset Strip rock and rootsy alt-country, this five piece is cooking a multi-layered rock and roll stew. Within their four-year run, Intoxicado has released a full-length album, Wednesday' Child which was nominated for Rock Recording of the Year at the 2009 PEI Music Awards, and has shared the stage with some of rock's royalty - like Aerosmith and Cheap Trick. Having culminated a dedicated following in Charlottetown, Intoxicado are ready to spread that message with the release of a new album this year.



Written By: Intoxicado

I did not have a reason.
To be so cruel to you.
Now I’m so weathered and beaten.
Will I see through this season.
Will it see me through.
Days have turned into evenings.
Weeks have turned into years.
And I’ve forgotten the reasons.
Still I cling to them.

I shattered your faith
There’s a void in it’s place and I…
Feel you looking through.
You always saw truth
And my words were the proof…I was shameless.
I was not a friend to you.
Instrumental break.
Instrumental verse and chorus.

You don’t know how I’ve tried
To take back what I said, and if I did…
Would it matter to you?
I’m sorry that I made you cry.
I was shameless.
I was not.
I was not.
I was not.
I was not.
A friend to you.


Intoxicado’s debut album, "Wednesday's Child", was recorded at Lukas Raine Recordings with Dave Skinner in Milton, PEI. The first single, released on April 6, was Rock and Roll Ain't Pretty. The album was officially released on October 22, 2008 at Hunter's Ale House.

Set List

The Last Time
Rock And Roll Ain't Pretty
Had To Be That Guy
The Morning After
Cold And Blue
Stranger To Myself
Walk Away
Penny On The Track
Wake Up Call
Coming Down The Line
Last Exit
Hit the Road by Dawn
The Ride
Mad Love
Summer in Albuquerque
Not Missin' Nothin'
Everybody Lies
Drift Away

A typical set, with no break, would work out to around 75 minutes.