In Transit

In Transit


Classic Rock, Country, Small amount of Blues. We are best friends and are all on the same page as far as our musical interests go. So far mostly cover tunes, but are at a stage with a fan base that is ready to listen to our originals.


We have a group that each band member loves a different style and type of music. We seem to all bring our own loves to the group--really hard to describe our style as we do different genre's to fulfill our listener's needs. We just love the opportunity to play, and be enjoyed by our fanbase.


Our New release...Unsafe At any Speed....Contains 11 new songs ...from the innocent country life to the dark bluesy moods .....this cd covers alot of ground... buy it now from us direct via email...

Murray has released some original Country gospel songs.
Laura / Wayne has released a song to Europe via Westwood International--Nashville (Lonnie Ratliff) a single called That Crazy Ride. We did very well--#11 for 4 weeks in arow on a Belgium radio station, as well as letters from all over Europe--Very good for a 1st release.
Laura has also released another single that had radio airplay in Alberta--All we need. This summer, I will be writing a song with Dick Damron ---and it will be released for radio airplay--I just know it.

Set List

Mostly covers--country, classic rock--like I say, we are just now going to start on a band originals. Several of us have written ourselves, but because of the smaller town atmosphere, we really have to prove ourselves with covers first before letting our originals gain any respect.