InTransit Audio

InTransit Audio

 San Diego, California, USA

InTransit Audio is music of unchartered waters. Ignoring genres, they craft their art from the notes that speak to their collective heart; songs that speak to social consciousness as told by a group that gets the cosmic joke. Unique, emotional, entertaining and thought provoking.


InTransit Audio is a band whose sound defies all traditional boundaries of musical genres today. In other words, IA is a schizophrenic mess of beautifully compelling and thought provoking instrumentals. These sounds touch on elements of dark jazz, electronica rock, thrashy dub, and deeply aggressive hip-hop.

Born in March of 2008, IA spawned a group of creative individuals from all over the map, all having come from different musical backgrounds. Combining these different styles immediately led to a unique collage of what can be best described as unpredictably, indefinable, and damn catchy music. This music is a direct response to their musical predecessors, by capturing fragments of adored and influential sounds to create their own captivating musical journeys.


Gulf Stream

Written By: InTransit Audio

Looking into the deep blue of you and I recognize a change
and doesn't it feel strange to fall in love
in a moment when it feels like we might never have enough
doesn't it feel wonderful to feel a pull
toward the center of the truth and the universe for you
and everything we do is polarized a light
guiding us to where we'll feel just right
where day and night collide

Catch me I'm falling down
or maybe I'm floating to the surface
Trust me I'm reaching out
Hoping I'm coming to a purpose

Drowned yourself in this rhythmic liquid
so thought provoking no cure for sickness
no tears no victims, so pure simplistic
no peers bear witness my fears are lifted
gulf stream current and the ebb of tides
some would ask why then react surprised
there in due time to a patience mind
but its already started this is your life
insted don't ask why get in and just drive
peddle to the metal arms out and just fly
with the wind in your face from the bluest sky
and if push comes to shove get up but don't cry

And looking into the deeper truth in you and I recognise a change
and doesn't it feel strange to come to life
in a moment when it feels like we were just about to die
I can see it in your eyes when you say

Catch me I'm falling down
or maybe I'm floating to the surface
Trust me I'm reaching out
Slowly you're coming into focus

Hold on I'm coming from the other direction
Hold on distance is only a dream
Hold on I'm coming from another dimension
Hold on to what is real

Hold on hold on...


Written By: InTransit Audio

Shadows abide where the moon collides
like a salt-water vibe, when the tide is high
light in your eyes and your kind of blind
up from the depths of an endless night
moment fluid liquid motion, built for power
jet propulsion, no need to fear my magic potion
eye see all my eyes wide open
you'd see too if you took a breath
and ignored that pain inside your chest
hold you tight in my sweet caress
and forget this world its such a mess
I see below and I see above and I see your lost and you need a hug
don't be scared of my magnet and you can leave
when you had enough, but I don't think that you ever will
cause this is more then an average thrill
let you choose your magic pill, I'll be here and you be still......

I said that I'll be here and you be still


Written By: InTransit Audio

Starving like villain he's in need
his savings is draining he's slowly ebbing away
Survival an instinct guided beast
of life taking violence consuming enemies
with no one taken alive

A tyrant pitiless indeed
his victims lay silent but seldom resting in peace
Thriving he moves to open sea
where killing is kindness a deserving end for the weak

The bits and pieces are falling to the wayside
the bottom feeders know that he provides
like a floating disaster he attacks first
anything that satisfies his violent appetites he bites
It's a hell of a ride welcome inside

You say it isn't possible
you say it isn't natural
But here's something you can't control
it's a mind open wide and full of insight
I been swimming in this pool for a while
and I think I might need to swallow you whole
And here's something you can't ignore
it's a mouth open wide and full of delight
so many insignificant kinds
bearing child to feed my soul
It's an emotion that he can't control
cause he's too wrapped up in his basic killing design
He lives like a floating disaster


Written By: InTransit Audio

It's just the way of modern things
the motor rhythm and the swing
is driven constantly by greed
and the oil flowing through our veins
and no matter how you car
you won't get very far
without the diesel means
to import your necessities

This oil on my hands is poison sold
and I think I understand what it means to be addicted
Turn forest into sand for liquid gold
And that drug is in demand so you're not gonna change it

It's just the way of modern man
he's moving faster than he can
remember that he doesn't breath
the fumes of burning gasoline
and she doesn't have the time
she has to wait in line
behind the other sheep
speeding feeding fast asleep

This oil on my hands is poison sold
and I think I understand what it means to be addicted
Turn forest into sand for liquid gold
And it's working for the man so you're not gonna change it

is this the life we had in mind
plastic Utopian design
and if we want this modern way
you know we all gotta pay

but what about the war
what is it that we're really fighting for
I suppose it's our virus-like need to expand
now we're standing on a beach with plastic sand
we've genetically modified our plans
with a fluid that's dripping like
blood from the palm of our hands
and when we run out of our oil
what will we show for our toil
we've foiled ourselves again
we're at the end of man...


"A Floating Disaster" 2011
"When the Screws Came Loose" 2010

Set List

Agent Z
Let Me Go
Gulf Stream