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Intricate Minds debut record was an instant favorite for DJs across Canada, the U.S and around the world. Catching the ears of noteworthy tastemakers such as New York's Rawkus Records and Billboard Magazine who also voted them one of the top 15 West Acts in the 2007 IndependentMusic WorldSeries.


Alberta, Canada based hip hop collective Intricate Minds are making a stunning initial impact with their debut album Self-Hypnosis. By blending rock, jazz, reggae and funk influences with topical commentary, each individual displays truely poetic and fluid rap styles. Friends since High School, the crew helped sharpen each others skills in a country where urban music is not a consistently driving force in popular music. However, they believe a change is in the near future. Music should be fun, intriguing, energetic and sincere, leaving you anticipating the next note. They aim to achieve this each second of every song. While preparing, and leading up to this release, the crew has performed and collaborated with hip hop heavyweights such as Del tha Funkee Homosapien, Swollen Members, Kool Herc, Moka Only, Masta Ace, Wordsworth, Oh No, Hezekiah, Pacewon, Grand Agent and even acts outside of the urban music realm like Corb Lund, Finger Eleven, Social Code and more.

Self-Hypnosis was released independently March 2007. Shortly after, Intricate Minds teamed up with Rawkus Records, who after receiving thousands of album submissions named them, “one of the next 50 important hip-hop artists.” for their Rawkus 50 Campaign. To those unfamiliar, Rawkus is a highly influential U.S rap label that started one of the most major cultural movements in hip hop history in the mid 90’s. Original home to artists like Mos Def and Talib Kweli. Rawkus is back in 2007 to make their presence felt once again, and have provided the group with worldwide digital distribution of the action packed 22 song Self-Hypnosis album, as well as lending a hand in the marketing and promotion. With websites like ITunes reporting phenomenal increases in traffic and sales, the Intricate Minds believe digital distribution will continue to be a rapidly growing trend in the future.

Intricate members Synaptix, Verse, Profound Sound, Justin Crates and Kalo are on a mission to bring the worldwide hip hop communities attention in a new direction, northwest. For the past few years, job opportunities and school have kept the group spread across the province. Edmonton, Red Deer and now Calgary all currently claimed by different crew members as home. Leaving recording, rehearsals and performances to be juggled on weekends or days off, including the many miles traveled. So far the great response of the debut album makes the effort well worth it, and displays only a glimpse of the potential that can be reached when the Intricate Minds find an opportunity to record and perform full time.

So what exactly is the philosophy behind 5 white guys trying to make an imprint on the global hip hop scene with virtually no budget, funding or financial support of any kind? Its quite simple really, "DO WORK!"

In the months leading up to their debut Album "Self-Hypnosis", Intricate Minds also released a 12" single for the track "To The Letter" produced by California hit maker Michael "OhNo" Jackson that was promoted by Rawkus. The single had an 8 week duration on the college charts. At, after being a conference call pick, “To The Letter” achieved #4 most added. The following week the project debuted on the charts at #25. It then moved up a spot to #24 before making a huge jump to #13. It then cracked the top 10 #9, before moving to #8 and finally peaking at #3!

At the new industry gauge, The Rap Network Record Breakers (posted at, “To The Letter” achieved #3 most added. In the second week it debuted at #27. It then made a jump to #16 before hitting #12. The following week it moved to #7, then #6, before peaking at #3!

Highly motivated by the critical acclaim of Self-Hypnosis, the group is currently back in the home studio of producer Justin Crates, busy working on a follow up release.


2007- 6th Annual Hip-Hop For Hunger (Edmonton, AB) w/ Politic Live & Moka Only
2007- I Heart Alberta Hip-Hop Festival (Calgary, AB)
2007- One Up Graffiti Expo (Calgary, AB)
2006- One Up Graffiti Expo (Calgary, AB)
2004 - OOKFEST (Edmonton, AB)
2004- Performed acoustic rap set for the OOKFEST press conference @ the Molson House (Edmonton, AB)
2004- Winner of the NAIT Battle of the Bands (Edmonton, AB)


CKUT - DJ Static - Montreal, QB (McGill University)
“To the Letter is a dope track. Oh No is out to snap your neck with that beat!!”

International - DJ Mark 7 - London, UK
“I like Your Neighborhood. That’s the joint I’m spinning.”

KHDC - Jason D - Santa Cruz, CA (Community Station)
“I enjoy all the tracks. “To The Letter” is definitely the stand out track will get instant rotation on the show. I really liked “Your Neighborhood” though and will work that in the mix over time. This is really good independent music. I like these cats!”

KSJS - Savvy - San Jose, CA (San Jose State University)
“Dope dope dope. This one is getting spins, will



-Intricate Minds - Self-Hypnosis(Burnt Reynolds Records/Rawkus 2007)


-Intricate Minds - To The Letter 12" produced by OhNo b/w Your Neighborhood (Burnt Reynolds Records/Rawkus 2006)

-Intricate Minds Presents: Crates and the Profound Sound - Mad Clients Remix 7" (Burnt Reynolds Records 2004)


-Independent Music World Series Compilation-TOP 15 Acts from the West(2007)DiscMakers

-I Heart Alberta Rap Compilation(2007)Neferiu Records

-Brockway Ent's Canadian Rap Mix(2006)Broackway Entertainment

Set List


1.Your Nieghbourhood
2. Waxcaper
3. Green Cards
4. Cabbage
5.To The Letter
6. Breakdown
7. Come On
8. What You Want
9. Do Not Enter
10. Blue
11. We Get Up
12. Comes To Pass
13. Learn That

One Set approx. 30 to 60 Min. Set list is very flexible.

Typical shows would have a 5 to 15 minute DJ set, followed by the opening song. Then a group freestyle and introductions, some crowd interaction followed by more songs. Shows usually include free giveaways, another DJ set usually follows to finish the evening or wind down the set.