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Intricate Minds

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We combine raw to the heart, honest and complex rhymes with beats that cannot be ignored. We have our own sound but it's universal. People of all types can feel our vibe and relate to our music and lyircs.


Intricate Minds started in northern Alberta in 1998, since then they have accumulated experience and produced dope music.

Notable Performances:
Performed at OOKFEST 2004, Canada's largest post-secondary welcoming party -
Winners of the 2004 NAIT Battle of the Bands - Nait Nest
Red Deer College at the Farside Bar
Opened for bands at Grant MacEwan College feb 2002
Opened for hip-hop crew Peanuts & Corn at the Liquid Lounge in Edmonton
Played at Epic's Local Only Album Release at Starlight Lounge
Sidetrack Cafe and Rendezvous Pub with the heavy metal band SonofaGun
Two separate shows at Cowboys for Captain Abdul's Hip-Hop showcases
Played at a press-conference to promote Ookfest at the Molson House for the edmonton news community
Performed with Pop Joys @ Nait Nest to a very successful show
Live freestyle on CJSR FM
Backroom Vodka Bar at several spoken word Slam sessions, which are acapella in nature
Headlined a very successful party in Slave Lake at The Point Steakhouse
Played in Saskatoon SK at club 402 and at the ODEON Night Club (the former was successful however the latter was quite the opposite, giving us a thorough lesson on proper promotions)
Numerous shows at Clareview Pub
Numerous shows at Stars night club
Organized and promoted our own show at Calientes Night Club and drew good numbers for a hip-hop show.
Sidetrack Cafe with Epic, Non-Status, Rellik
Opened for Grand Agent & Hezekiah at Cafe Del Mar in Red Deer AB
Opened for Wordsworth at Cafe Del Mar in Red Deer AB

We have paid our dues in the scene and have supported hip-hop in our community. In 2006 we are aiming higher with the new LP dropping in late spring. Our first single will feature the production of OH NO (Stones Throw Records) on the A side with two B-Side bangers produced by Justin Crates. Lyrically, and production wise these tracks are next level and we are aiming high, as we feel there is no doubt to the dopeness of what we are making. Expect to hear the first single on College Radio across Canada and the US in March 2006. Our fully featured website will be available in Febuary 06 with an online store to purchace our record (


Crates & the Profound Sound - 7" vinyl single
Confiscated Thoughts EP

-Coming Jan 2006 - To the Letter 12" Single - Will have airplay on most college radio stations throughout canada and Northern USA
-Website lauch Dec 2005 due to have streaming audio.

Set List

Our typical setlist revolves about putting together songs that dont let up on the hype factor. We want people to be moving and off thier seats. Get them involved.
Usually we would do a set with these songs:
Desciples of the Dojo
Mad Clients
Mountain People
Learn That
Come to Pass

For the average club/bar show we do a set of about 20-30 minutes long with some freestyles and crowd work in between songs. We do not do covers except for using certain classic beats for interludes and intros.