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"Creative Cultures: The Singapore Showcase"

Louis Quek AKA Intriguant
Striking a chord with the right balance.

Interview - Underscore Magazine


Intriguant Debut EP (Oct 2013)



Louis Quek aka Intriguant is a Sound Artist / Producer based in Singapore. He started his journey as a DJ/turntablist. He has performed at renowned venues such as Stereolab, The Butter Factory, Home Club, Blu Jaz Café, PS Café and The Vault.

Louis has now evolved to being a sound artist and producer. His research lies mainly in the impact of music and sounds on the human brain. He uses the concepts of granular synthesis and pulsar synthesis (in which sound is observed as a particle in a microsecond timescale) in his sound compositions, in aim to stimulate and experiment with authentic aural perceptions.
His interest in Neuroscience and Cognitive of Music has driven him further to offer his interpretation of sound to the public through various live performances. One of his most recent acts include a live sound improvisation elaborated at the Goodman Arts Centre last September, in collaboration with a visual artist and a filmmaker. He has also recently performed at the Bio-­-Rhythm Exhibition 2012 for the Irish Embassy. In addition to that, He did an audio-­-visual showcase with a painter for the 2nd anniversary of the SPORE Art Salon in which he incorporated the Kinect and Max/MSP Jitter.
Louis has been involved with film, theatre and dance as a sound designer, composing soundscapes and music based on the directors’ and choreographers’ concepts. He has been chosen as a sound artist and sound designer of the closing performance “The Swing Thing” for the National University of Singapore (NUS) Arts Fest 2013. He will be performing live as a part of the performance.

Louis strives to push the boundaries of music sonically and hope that his compositions can be performed on an international platform. His self-­-titled debut EP “Intriguant” to be released early 2013 gathers original compositions and various collaborations with musicians.