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Warwick, Rhode Island, United States | SELF

Warwick, Rhode Island, United States | SELF
Band Hip Hop


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Sticks Out Like a Sore Chuck – Cas Uno & Intrikit (Free Download)"

Former WYDU Spotlight honoree, Cas Uno, dropped last years Sticks Out Like a Sore Thumb, which featured Cas at the top of his game while he brought along his Labeless Illtelligence fam. The album was sorely overlooked by the masses, but then again, most things with much talent are these days. We even had him on the Scrunchface Show to help him get his word out. Well toward the end of April, Cas hit me up on the ole sky pager and told me about a new project he had coming up, a remix EP with producer Intrikit, that would take some of the cuts from …Sore Thumb and they would get the remix treatment, dropping Sticks Out Like a Sore Chuck. Once I found myself kicking my recent sour milk addiction and found a computer cafe in whatever country I am in now, I figured I better post up the free EP.

Read and Download, chumps…

Intrikit has some very nice adaptations to the originals. The title track, “Sticks Out Like a Sore Thumb”, was one of the better tracks on the OG version, but Intrikit serves the original very well and makes it just as dope. The beat for “The World According to Peter Pansy” is among the top 5% of beats I’ve heard this year and makes this my favorite track on the EP. Esh makes the hook his own and ups the ante for his new EP dropping soon. Don’t sleep on that cat.

In this world of shorten attention spans that are fueled iPods, Netflix, and addictive bath salts, EPs are just about the right length for those of us that…..wait, what was I talking about? Anyway, download this…download now, or I will be knocking on your door selling you Pumpkin beer and cherry flavored cigarettes. -


2001 -
BrokENviaments "Intertwinedmindz EP" (retail)

2004 -
Brokenviaments "The People That Time Left Behind" (retail)

2008 -
BrokENviaments "Pessimystic Side of Optimizm" (free download)

Intrikit presents "Unreleased In Rareform Vol. 1" (free download)

Intrikit "Concepts" (free download extended version)

2009 -
Intrikit presents "Unreleased In Rareform Vol. 2" (free download)

2010 -
Intrikit presents "Montezuma's: Return of the Revenge" an unofficial remix project of Souls Of Mischief's 2009 release "Montezuma's Revenge" (free download)

Intrikit guest featured vocals on "All Together" off of Reason's free project "Stalker Stories"

Intrikit guest featured vocals & production on CasUno's "Sticks Out Like A Sore Thumb" (retail)

2011 -
Intrikit "Intrikit Concepts" (retail)

Intrikit & CasUno "Sticks Out Like A Sore Chuck" (free download)

Intrikit "Cerebral Inkblots Vol. 1" Instrumental EP (free download)



Intrikit (a child of the "golden era" of hip hop) from a small town in Connecticut fell head over heals, like every other kid at the time, witnessing an art form in its early stages take precedence over anyone who let the music thrive in there everyday life.
At age ten the music integrated itself so deeply into his very fabric that there was nothing the boy could do but eat sleep & study hip hop, which led to his first rhyme for a 3rd grade book report. Fast-forward to 1998, fresh out of high school & working construction, Intrikit or sometimes referred to as simply Ink, met a kid from Boston (Faze) who was working at a summer camp. Immediately the two found they shared the same passion for music & started BrokENviaments (Broken Environments or B.E.). They spent the summer honing there craft & working on a demo. The next year the addition of emcee's Sicks & Chump Change to the B.E. roster and trip hop DJ Gravity (all from Rhode Island) found the group pressing up there first & very rare debut EP "Intertwinedmindz". They performed at whatever venue they could get on in the Providence scene. The next two years saw the group fizzle down to members Intrikit & Sicks with yet another new addition Big City from Fall River, MA. They spent the next two years crafting there official debut album in there own home built studio in Olneyville, Providence along side there new neighbors, Labeless Illtelligence. 2004 B.E. released there debut album "The People That Time Left Behind" produced entirely by Intrikit with DJ Gravity supplying interludes. The next couple of years life took its course, people came & went, & late 2007 Ink decided enough time had passed & it was time to get serious. A slew of free releases started to make appearances on the web and relations with Labeless Illtelligence solidified. Since 2008 Intrikit has worked diligently on his music & released his official debut album "Concepts" in 2011. "The style is old, the vision is new"...keep an ear & eye out for the bi-focal bastard Ink aka Intrikit!