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Intrinsiq is groove personified...times nine! Hailing from the Washington, DC area and their beloved Howard University, Intrinsiq's soul, hip-hop, funk style breaks all barriers in today's music, and heralds a resurgence of the genuine truth in music from days past.


In one word, the group is inexplicable. It's the band equivalent to the 1992 Dream Team that trounced everyone in Barcelona. Intrinsiq is the perfect combination of a dope lyricist (OBoogie), a vocal section with angelic harmonies (Todd P., Nikki McQueen, and Donald Martin), a vicious horn section (Randy W. and Charlie Mills), and a gritty, groovy, earth-shaking rhythm section (Joel H., Jarrin M., and Matt M.) bringing you tunes funkier than George Clinton's socks (after a hard day's work) and more down-home goodness than BigMama's peach cobbler. Intrinsiq seeks the truth in music, and is a representation of the innate thread that links the musicians and the listeners.

Set List


Bridge To Nowhere
The Price Is Right
A New Day
Something's Movin'
Can I Ask You A Question?
SGI/For The Love
I'll Do The Same
I Could Say I Love You
This Just In
FuZIon Joint
J's Perspective
Feet In The Grass
Game Over

Typical Covers:

You (Raheem DeVaughan)
I Can't Help It (Micheal Jackson)
Brown Sugar (D'Angelo)
Hypnotic (The Roots/Erykah Badu)
Feel Like Makin' Love (Roberta Flack)
Faithful (Common)
Ascension (Maxwell)
Never Too Much (Luther Vandross)
Bartender (T-Pain)

Intrinsiq normally performs sets ranging from thirty minutes to an hour in length.