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Vice Verses and ProPayne have spent the past 10 years carving up the New York City underground, and has established themselves as one of the best known groups you have never heard of. The type of group that is your favorite MC’s favortie MCs. Now its time to bring thier name to the masses.


Their slow climb to notoriety began when they helped to co-found the legendary End of the Weak. They were 2 of the show’s original hosts, and took to the stage every week for 6 years honing their craft, and providing a venue for other artists to do the same, such as Immortal Technique, Scram Jones, Jin, Slaine, C-Rayz Walz, Poison Pen, Pack-Fm, Breez Evahflowin; and many many more.

At the same time, they helped to expand EOW into an international movement, as EOW opened satellites in Paris, London and Berlin, and toured extensively in Europe.

As artists, they have appeared on every EOW Records release, most notabably teaming up with fellow EOW member, Big Zoo, to form the supergroup 3 Kings. The self-titled 3 Kings album went on to win the 2004 Independent Music Award for Best Hip-Hop/Rap Album. i.2.i has shared the stage with such hip-hop luminaries as Run-DMC, Big Daddy Kane, Mobb Deep, Q-Tip, Boot Camp Clik, Brand Nubian, and the Beatnuts. They have also co-hosted the RockSteady Crew Anniversary Concert for the past 4 years running.

All that for a group that had never even released their own album. Well... that has changed. They hit the studio hard and and came up with "Year of the I", their debut album. This is their ’Illmatic’... an instant classic thats destined to be just as dope in 20 years as it today. It harkens back to what a lot of us consider a Golden Era in hip-hop, the early to mid 90’s, but with a decidely modern twist.

Its dark, lyrical, and hardbody with some ill ass production, and features appearances by Scram Jones, Poison Pen, Swave Sevah and Vanguard.


i2i - Introduction 2 I.n.s.a.n.i.t.y, 2008

Set List

Shorter 15-30 minute sets feature a medley of the album's top songs, while full 60-90 minute sets feature the entire debut album's track listing as well as various freestyles and popular mixtape songs.