Brooksville, Florida, USA
BandHip Hop

I am an independent hip-hop artist whose goal is to intertwine interesting instrumentals with conscious lyrics to create music worth listening to.


Introvert (born Matthew Voscinar on June 28, 1990) is a hip-hop artist born in the 589 square mile nursing home known as Hernando County. He currently resides in Tampa, Florida and attends the University of South Florida. Introvert's first release entitled "Where Does it Come From, Where Does it Go Forever?" is a free four song EP that can be found at


Heavy Sighs Spoken Softly

Written By: Introvert

They say I need to speak more, I need a better outlet
I've been digging through the thoughts so long my fingers became calloused
I lost the feeling in my palms, so I reached towards the sky,
hoping stars would burn the fingerprints left there those lonely nights.
I couldn't reach. It was a strange sensation
when the lines in my hands became constellations.
My skin's not thick or rough, I'm not strong enough,
to confront the night but the moonshine helps me sober up.
I've traveled down the same road, kicking yellow bricks home,
walking empty handed, pockets full of false hope.
Stared at myself and he stared back at me,
crossed his legs and asked, "Well what do you believe."
I said, "The sky that I'm under resembles my coffin
and all the roads I walk are worn down and broken.
I'll imitate the sheep dressed in wolf's skin
and pretend every carnivore I meet is my brethren.
Got lost in translation somewhere between the seems
when I stitched myself together with lies and broken dreams.
I'm not complaining life's as good as it can be
it's just odd when the man in the mirror can't understand me.
Even he could never know about the places I've been,
or how it feels to have a midlife crisis at ten.
Strangely, I died before I ever hit twenty.
I may just a carcass but this grave looks lovely.

I sold my soul today, I sold my soul today.
It wasn't worth what the devil paid.
I sold my soul today, I sold my soul today.
It wasn't worth what the devil paid.

If I did something wrong then I apologize
but at this point in my life I like to feel alive.
I know this body was never really mine
but it feels like it could be at some time.
So tonight, I hope that you come to understand
this wasn't in the plan, all the footprints in the sand
led me to the truth and I finally realized
I'm just weaving through another ghosts' life and that's alright.
I'll keep my mouth shut but my tongue stretches acres
so I'll apologize now for what I'll say later.
But I guess it doesn't matter, every word gets scattered
if I had to choose between silence and death, I'd pick the latter.
And I did, there was too much left unspoken
couldn't care less if the windows to my soul are broken,
sure it leaves a mess, but you shouldn't be distressed
I'm not the only one that ever flew over the cuckoo's nest
and found what wasn't lost. Now I know the cost
that a martyr must pay to signify a just cause.
Death doesn't care what you believe in
as if faith is nothing more than an escape from our demons.
I'll regret nothing since I won't wake up tomorrow
I can rest assured I'll never use the time I borrow
so, close your eyes and forget me, please,
so I won't be so embarrassed when I have to leave.

I sold my soul today, I sold my soul today.
It wasn't worth what the devil paid.
I sold my soul today, I sold my soul today.
It wasn't worth what the devil paid.


Written By: Introvert

Starry eyed explorer found another flag to drop
in the form of loose pills to conquer her America.
One straight to the head, a tight grasp towards her pocket,
An archetype for innocence with diamond eye sockets.
No longer interested in soft words or sonnets,
only cares about the war she's lost and when she'll find her coffin.
Will any words be etched in the granite to whisper her legacy?
A legend in her own terms utilizing Athena's jealousy.
It's sad to see the day when the sky falls like this:
Clouds retreat to avoid the crash but the comets will not miss.
In the crater we will find a body if we're lucky
Label her a misfit and another helpless junkie.
But I can see better, past black and white shades,
into the gray area in which her mind lays.
I don't think I can save her, but I hope that I'm led to
that little lonely girl just begging to be rescued

You don't have to go through this yourself,
all you've got to do is ask for help.

This fairy's broken wings don't flap like they used to,
writing diaries in angels' dust but the meaning's misconstrued
and after her pen bled all the ink that she could use
she started using her own blood to write the feelings that she knew.
Now the page is full and there's so much left to write,
carves the meaning of her story on her skin and swears that she's alright.
It makes me see the world in a completely different light,
I hate to see you hurt yourself but whatever helps you sleep at night.
It's scary asking all the places that you've been
When rings aren't the only things that are piercing your skin
but you're having dreams now, so there's progress to attempt
the road to recovery is plagued with hurdles and missteps.
I am here to catch you if you ever start to trip
and help guide your arrow towards all the targets that you've missed.
You can ask for anything, I'll do what I can
So don't be hesitant if you need a helping hand.

You don't have to go through this yourself,
all you've got to do is ask for help

The funeral was silent, sky was overcast,
cast over cloudy hearts and a less than sunny past.
Sent shivers down our backs as wind whipped our spine
standing shoulder to shoulder in a large circular line.
Preacher said words from a bible, every one read
If God loves all his children then you have been adopted
and placed in a foster home your self esteem depleted,
practically given up at birth. Now I hope that you can see that
the mistakes that they made were much more than monumental
you are living proof that life isn't always gentle
but you have your own touch have so much left to give
so many things to say and so much more life to live.
We buried the body so nobody could see
the shell of what once was and who you used to be
and all you did was smile as we made our way home
to scribble "I survived" on your empty headstone


Where Does it Come From, Where Does it Go Forever - 2010