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London, England, United Kingdom

London, England, United Kingdom
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London based Post-Punk revivalists; Introverts cut an impressive debut performance at The Buffalo Bar in Highbury and Islington this past weekend. After following the bands progress for the past year and watching their repertoire grow with tracks, this was one gig I had been anticipating for quite some time. Continue reading on the link above - Idol Magazine



Version 02:58
Gein 04:00
Neu 04:12
Somnipathy 03:16
Empire 02:49
Dark 02:33


Feeling a bit camera shy


Introducing, Introverts...

Izzy has been composing and recording her own music for many years. Self taught, until recently in 2010. She decided to put what she knew into practice and build upon her skills, by studying a Diploma in Sound Recording and Music Technology at IMW in East London.

It was at IMW she met Dean. The two quickly struck up a fast friendship and both shared a mutual respect for music. Dean also started composing in his early teens and like Izzy, he has been in a number of bands over the years.

Izzy emailed Dean a completed track she composed over which he laid his own vox in the space of an evening. This track would later be known as their signature track ‘Empire’. At a time when the internet has become a valuable tool for all and is increasingly relied upon for communicating, this working method was perfect for this pair of Introverts. Shortly after ‘Empire’, Introverts was born and the pair started to jam. From these sessions a number of tracks have been written.

The band continues to grow, crafting their own sound, whose roots lie within the post-punk realm. Yet they also have an experimental, contemporary, lo-fi edge. It is here that a sense of urgency, despair and crushing sadness pervades contagiously like a dark, brooding sickness that is also somewhat liberating. That beautiful sadness that whispers from the depths of despair.

Initially, Izzy composed and recorded all of the music in her home studio and Dean provided the lyrics and vox in his. Throughout 2010 Introvets have developed into a more polished and accomplished act, with Dean also making contributions to the writing process.

As of Summer 2011 Introverts are now on the prowl for a drummer to share in this vision. They are ready to get into a proper studio to record and are also eager to start playing shows.

When speaking of her favourite tracks Izzy states that: “They would have to be ‘Version 666’ and ‘Death of 1’. For ‘Version 666’, I like the changing contrast from quiet to loud. I like variation in music and the lyrics are catchy too, which is always a good thing”

Izzy goes on to say that for the newest track; ‘Death of 1’, she: “composed the piano part and worked around it. I then came up with many other layers, that gives it more depth and thickness.” Perhaps hinting at the reasoning behind the name Introverts, Izzy said that: “Dean decided it didn’t need lyrics, on which I also agreed. This way people can make it theirs by solely feeling the music and the vocal tones”.

This lack of verbal communication between the duo is starting to spill over into the music. The Introverts who favour working together via email when not rehearsing in a rehearsal studio, seem have to have found the perfect medium. Without having to actually talk much about the composing process in person. It seems to be working well so far. So, as the idiom goes; if it isn’t broke then don’t fix it.

As you can see from the Introverts body of work and other side projects, thus far, they are into different styles. Izzy says that she: “likes to experiment and merge these styles together to create a unique sound”.