Intuitive music orchestra
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Intuitive music orchestra

Moscow, Moscow, Russia | INDIE

Moscow, Moscow, Russia | INDIE
Band World Avant-garde


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos




A winning performer! Stunningly creative! The very best of the best! says John David Hart-Hart of the Music-International Radio Broadcasting! Ian Bederman was guest on our International Radio Broadcast show airing in 120 countries. We auditioned Ian Bederman's music for our International show and Interviewed Ian and found Ian to be one of the most creative Musicians,composers,producers and interpretive artists that we have encountered so far on a global basis. Ian Bederman and his project has a spontaneous nature and wonderfully creative sensation to the music and the experience one has while hearing the project's music is wonderful. We understand that the visual presentation of Mr. Bederman's project is even more stunning with interpretive dancers, painters and a spontaneous artistic experience reflecting truly a new contribution to the world of art with Ian Bederman and companies interpretive works. We highly recommend this theatrical type of musical experience to the grandest promotors in the music, theatre and visual arts business. We could go so far as to say this is a must have experience for your bookings or for tour managers throughout the world. The Cirque series and other shows such as Cirque Niagara who rely upon Russian Horses and performers would truly find a great compatability in joining with these performers. New York, Las Vegas, Germany and other high profile engagers should take notice of this amazing performers approach to the stage and music composition. It's stunning, simply stunning and something ever person in the world should experience at least once in their life as one of the world's greatest shows. John David Hart International Broadcasting Hart of the Music - John David Hart International Broadcasting Hart of the Music

"Review from diferent musicans, produsers, artistes (BROADJAM.COM)"

1.Unusual piece, very Middle Eastern sounding or could even be African.

Very exotic piece, instrumentaly and composition wise. Wonderful
drumming. Has a tribal feel to the piece. What country is this native to?

Very interesting piece but hard to classify. Could be Jazz and yet is World. Sounds like alot of emotion went into this piece. Something I would want to listen to again to truly appreciate it.
- Felice Kaye-Cooper - Songwriter-lyricist (New Jersey
2. very interesting vocal, flute solo very original
- Serge Khrichenko- Musician, composer, guitar-player who possesses a unique polyphonic technique. (Silver Spring,Maryland, UNITED STATES)
3. Gave me a since of Africana the root rock of civlization. Big Ups!
- 'Lyric Line' is the collaborative catalog of song lyrics created by Rodney L. (USA)
4. What a great sounding recording. I love the big room drums sound. The groove is great, the horn is cool, the bass is sparse and tasteful. Great track. Reminds me a bit of The Police's "Masoko Tanga" off Outlandos D'Amour. I'd love to hear more.
- Three Questions is a rock power trio based out of Evansville Indiana, USA
5. Sounded good for this genre. The scratchy record sounds added authenticity to the song, and brought back a lot of memories for me. Good luck with your music.
- Cameron Smith has been a performing artist for many years, playing drums for 16 different bands in the southeastern US.
6. some beautiful sounds in the song. Original composition. may be suitable for film soundtrack.
- Arundas - engineer and producer, (North Carolina, UNITED STATES)
7. This is awesome. I can listen to this anytime.
- Philip Paustin , Electronic - Ambient artist, Texas, USA
8. Very atmospheric..Soundtrack perhaps? I loved it
9. a lot of good rythmn and spirit
- Rich Pulin , Jazz group, California, USA
10. Interesting piece of improvising. Nice drum and bass groove. I liked the sax player as well.
- Flying on Instruments, World Beat orchestra, Pennsylvania, USA
11. 21.07.07 This music appeals to to me why it is a look directed in the direction of the origins all Africans of jazz and the black culture, where the tribale pulsation of the rhythm is a mystery of the man who renders it free from the prisons, and the over-structures. Task that all is OK.
salvatore maresca serra Jazz - General, Rome, ITALY

- diferent musicans, produsers, artistes

"SXSW 2008"

The Intuitive Music Orchestra was reminiscent of Frank Zappa's "Freak Out!" album, although the musicians seemed to have it a lot more together than that original off the wall exploration. I held back the urge to get up on stage and join in, although I imagine they would have taken it in stride had someone done so. In fact, I was in the next room over, writing, so I'm not sure that Cassius didn't get up on stage and join in on the drums at one point... - Robert Kamper, journalist

"Nov/Dec issue , 2007"

When he's not trekking through the Himalayas, Moscow-based composer and musician Ian Bederman guides his Intuitive Music Orchestra through a hauntingly meditative labyrinth of avant-garde jazz stylings that recalls the vintage impulse years.
Tad Hendrickson, editor
- Global Rhythm

"CD Off Harvest"

Now this one is real, real interesting! How does someone with a German name issue a press release which is so obviously written by a Russian with a limited understanding of English?? Anyway - the concept: amazing, fantastic, love it..... Isn't it a non sequitur however that the music cannot be 'never rehearsed, never repeated' - if you record it?? However, I already know your answer - how would I be able to play it on the radio if you never recorded it....... OK, I give in! This is one of the most interesting CDs I've had on the show all year. I'm not saying that it all makes good early evening listening, given that the music is a bit 'spontaneous' - but I have played three tracks off it so far! I look forward to some more - as soon as you can! TONY WICKHAM RADIO MALDWYN, UK - Radio MALDWYN


“ Intuitive music orchestra”

1. AC “Maditation”, Ian Bederman Project, 2002
2. CD “ Go off Your Head”, Ian Bederman Project, 2003
3. CD “ Off Harvest”, Ian Bederman Project, 2003
4. CD “ Be Careful! The Doors Are Opening “, Ian Bederman Project, 2004
5. CD “ Game in a realities” , Ian Bederman Project, 2005
6. CD “ Joining”, Ian Bederman Project , 2006
7. CD “ Light of Sirius”, Ian Bederman Project, 2006
8. DVD “ Joining”, Ian Bederman Project, 2003
9. DVD “ Go off Your Mind “Ian Bederman Project, 2003
10. CD " Alchemist" Ian Bederman Project, 2007
11. CD " Alchemist II" Ian Bederman Project, 2007
12. DVD "Taganrog" Ian Bederman Project, 2007



Intuitive music orchestra was found in august 2001 by Ian Bederman-director, scenario, composer, musician, psychologist.
Intuitive Music Orchestra (IMO) - is unique creative being wich its creators do not intend to define making links with something that is already known or comparing it with something that already exists.
Participants of IMO explore a miraculous power of sound with enthusiasm for seven years already.
"Intuitive music orchestra" is a natural environment where a man is free from any kind of limits, conditions, evaluations.
This is a unique model of people's coexistence and cooperation. IMO is an optimal life strategy that lets musicians understand and open fully their creative potential. That music is above national and nonconditional. Process of musical creativity in real time very often associates with process of origin of a life in the Universe when from emptiness the form is born and then again passes in emptiness. And so it occurs infinitely, being transformed in all new and new forms.
All that musicians perfom is never rehearsed or repeated - Sun shines with no rehearsals. There's just a great low of Harmony and all happens according to it. Audience becomes a participant of creative process during performances very often. Participation in the festivals:
"Etnoland"(2003) Yahroma,
"The drums of Peace" as headliner (2004-2009) Samara,
The days Of music, 2006, Velike Mito, Czechia,
Trostenitsky Favn, 2006, Trostenitse,Czechia,
"Russia without the narcotics" 2005-2006, Moscow, Tver, Norilsk,
"Etnolife" 2001-2006, Moscow
SXSW 2008, SXSW 2009 Austin, TX, USA
Alfa-fest 2009, Kiev, Ukraine
KUKART 2009, S-Petersburg
and other.
Musical performers:
"... Go off Your Mind "("New opera"), " Earth and sky "(Moscow international house of music)
- nomination in TORONTO EXCLUSIVE MAGAZINE Compilation CD
- tracks in "Global Rhythm" magazine CD nov/dec, jan/feb issues.
- 10 CD and 4 DVD with live concert of "Intuitive music orchestra"

Ian Bederman
Ian Bederman (was born 1958) -director, scenario, composer, musician, psychologist.
Author of a number of the projects, directed toward the disclosure of
the internal abilities of man. Creator of the " intuitive music orchestra".
Everything, that falls to it into hands, starts to sound (a soprano and an alto saxophones, English gorn, flutes, duduk, Tuva igil,  roubap, every possible drums, the sea of percussion and is simple oberton singing).
Participation in the festivals: "Etnoland", "The drums of Peace", The days Of muzykya (Czechia), "Russia without the narcotics", "Etnolife" and other.
Author of theatrical- musical performensov "... Go off Your Mind "("New opera"),        "  Earth and sky "(Moscow international house of music)
He completed movie expedition into the Himalayas.
He cooperated as the composer with director . J.Cameron in film " Returning to Titanic " and “ Bismark operation” .
  Ian was awarded with diamand order “ Peacemaker” by Worldwide Charitable Alliance “Peacemaker” with status" of The "persons Of peace" in october 2006

Andrey Bayramov-
live in Moscow. I take a great interest in percussion instruments in a broad sense this word. For the first time has taken in hands a drum in 7 years (in pioneer camp). After that has ended musical school on a class of an accordion. In 2006 in structure of group " Адриан and Alexander " (the acoustic fate) became the winner XXXIII Grushinsky festival. Music I love different, but especially - folk and a jazz. To address with percussion instruments studied and I continue to study at such musicians, as A.Fedotov, M. Zhukov, F.Makgvajr, A.Baklagin.
Favourite percussion instruments - Jembe and badhan. Sometimes I spend the master classes on game on them. Except for the Orchestra of Intuitive Music and group " Adrian and Alexander " I play ensemble Los gaiteros de Moscou (European folk) and also with pleasure I participate in any percussion projects and jams. "

Vladimir Nelinov-Was born in 1967 in Moscow. The executor on various percussion instruments of nations of the world, the improvisator, the teacher. Has finished the Moscow college of improvisation music on a speciality " the Actor of jazz ensemble (percussion instruments) ". The participant of " the Orchestra of hard music " M.Zhukova (1993-1999), " the Orchestra of primitive music " (2000-2001), groups " Sirs-quartets ", " the Orchestra of intuitive music " by Ian Bederman, etc. At various times worked with jazz saxophonist Sergey Letov, ensemble of Dmitry Pokrovskogo, n G.Vinogradova, V.Luferova's projects (Theatre of a song "Crossroads"), N.Oorzhakom (Tuva), Sainho Namchilak, group " E69 ", L.Aksyonovoj, etc. As the musician and the composer participated in creation of music to more than 30 performances, going in leading theatres of Moscow, and also to film and to television movies. Was engaged in pedagogical work as the teacher on percussion