Intunation Community Arts Center

Intunation Community Arts Center


Intunation, LLC primary mission is to offer services in developing individuality and community through artistic expression. Students learn their instrument, meet their peers to form groups, and perform at Intunation. Intunation runs classes in comedy improv, acting, painting, and Tai Chi.


In 2005, Jason Caplan incorporated Intunation, LLC. He began in 2004 in a small room and worked his way up to a 3 room studio with an expanded staff of top musicians and artists.


New! Brunch and Learn on Sundays
Come for Bagels and Cream Cheese
and hear the new and innovative approaches to music and improvisation

with Jason Caplan, founder of Intunation, LLC

August 19th - Universal Language Skills, How to Improvise

August 26th - Intuition, Language, Individuality, and Democracy, the vision of Intunation, LLC

Sept 9th - Exploring your Unique Voice,