Inu is the new band from San Francisco based producer, Count [DJ Shadow, New Order, Radiohead, Galactic...], cellist Zoe Keating [Imogen Heap, Rasputina, Dresden Dolls], and guitarists Tim Hingston and Nyles Lannon.


San Francisco based producer, Count [DJ Shadow, Radiohead, Frank Sinatra, New Order, Lyrics Born, Halou] disbanded from Halou in 2008 to form Inu with guitarist Tim Hingston and cellist Zoe Keating. Past performance highlights include SXSW, Bumbershoot, SF Museum of Modern Art, SF international Film Festival, and Bob Mould's 2008 US tour. Their unprecedented live show involves an army of robots, allowing the 3 piece band to perform completely live (with each member playing up to 6 parts at once) in order to reproduce the exact sound of their album on stage performed 100% live. Video of this highly unusual performance can be seen at their recent sold out show at San Francisco's The Independent at


"Not For Anyone" - 2010
"Monster" EP 2010

Set List

typically 45 min - 1 hour set