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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Twin Cities Radio Live Broadcast"

"If the CD by Inukshuk Pass is half as good as their live performance tonight, everyone should go out and get it in June."
-Lonnie Knight
-Host of Twin Cities Radio Live
- Twin Cities Radio on the Net

"Sound Effects: Column 10-2-2009 by Music Critic Ross Raihala"

"St. Paul's Inukshuk Pass play a soulful version of folk with an emphasis on the groove. Really, the band's debut, "Chasin' Trains" often sounds like a long lost Bay Area record from the late 60's. In keeping with the hippie spirit, the band's lead singer, Patti Ryan has created paintings to accompany each of their songs. Local Cheapo's outlets have not only put their CD in their listening stations, they're also displaying the prints of the art pieces, which are available for sale." - St. Paul Pioneer Press


14 track CD
released Oct. 2009

13 track CD
to be released June 2010

Brother of Mine track has been put into regular rotation on Jango Radio.
Chasin Trains, the title track of our CD, is playing daily at Twin Cities Radio on the Net. and tracks are spinning on Women of Substance Radio.



Inukshuk (in-nook-shook) Pass is a BOLD new band from St. Paul/Duluth MN.
It's clear, when listening live or to their honestly recorded tracks, that the members of this group meld into one another like family. The result is a soulful sound that thumps groove after groove of something nostalgically familiar, yet fresh and unknown to the ear. The clarity of what each player lends to a performance is tightly woven to deliver distinguishable grooves and stripped to honest, easy to relate to, stories of resilience.
In live performance, this group can be counted on to consistently deliver what their fans expect and are comfortable and playful enough to pull off spontaneous moments, creating brand new energy at each live show.

Within each song, you will hear a CROSS-GENRE of music including rock, funk, folk, blues, jazz, country and r&b. You cannot help but to be drawn into the groups dynamic, becoming part of the event. This band believes that the listener is the most important influence at live performances and they include the energy of the audience in each show. The resiliency based songs will make you feel, for days after experiencing Inukshuk Pass, that anything is possible.

The inspiration for the band's name comes from Inuit stone markers, still found in Northern MN., Canada, and Alaska, indicating that others have traveled this path and found it a good place to be.

Patti Ryan is a singer/songwriter with family roots in Duluth and the Iron Range area in Northern Minnesota. Her writing and performance is in a style that allows for easy access to a powerful range of feeling. Patti met bass player Paul Weyandt and guitar player Mark Martin in their high school band room where they formed a jazz band. Drummer, Dave DeGennaro joined the three in their cover band in 1999. The group decided to devote energy to their original music in 2008. Collectively, the group creates great arrangements full of depth, movement and color.

Their 14 track CD, Chasin' Trains is now available in stores in the Twin Cities area. It includes original artwork which Patti has been inspired to create for each of the songs. Prints of these are available at shows as well as t-shirts and hand crafted Inukshuk necklaces.

"We are dedicated professionals and life-long friends. We seek balance in our lives and our music. The members of Inukshuk Pass are honored and delighted to have the gift of music-making and the opportunity to bring it to others."