in uniform.

in uniform.


InUniform is perfect for those who like the indie rock aesthetic and creativeness, which inspired the band to play initially, and the poetic songwriting of Americana,which they have come to appreciate.


inUniform is an alternative indie rock group from Toronto. Formed in the Spring of 2005, they made their stage debut at the North by Northeast festival that same year. Since then, the band has been gracing their favourite toronto stages, such as Rivoli and the Drake Hotel, building their fanbase and repitoire. They recently played the first annual Best of the Drake Hotel festival and were met by a capacity crowd. Their sound is a mix of modern-indie with an old standard of songwriting, focusing on making the music an environment for the lyrics and creating a uniqueness to each song. They have been described as the male counter-parts to feist, sarah harmer and frente as well one reviewer noted: Belle and Sebastian with a bit of "grit". The following year promises to be the beginning of their career as inUniform plan on doing extensive touring and recording their long awaited deput ep.


the art of working hard

Written By: d gorman

how do you go on like that
breaking the back that God gave you?
how do you go on like that

I'm gunna use the tools that put you through school;
I'm gunna break the back that God gave me
I'll go on like that.

there's charm in every grocer
love in every trade
- a polite smile's exchanged between the bellhop and the maid
but is this me for one hundred years or is this me for one hundred more
I go on like that

practicing the lost art;
the lost art of working hard
I go on like that.


inUniform demo is up on

EP is being recorded and mixed. february 2007.

Set List

come and live with me, you fool
the art of working hard
pirate ships
so close to the sun
winter come
king king me

1 set, 45 minutes
no covers