"Feverish garage-rock combined with late 70's New York post-punk, with the true authentic spirit, howling nasty realness. This is high-energy stuff, jolts of raw energy proving that good 'ol nasty rock and roll is here to stay." (the lonely vagabond)


There's a much simpler solution to your big problem that you dont have to look up or make belief. If it's scary and frightening, read the communist manifesto or look at the northern lights. Become a sushi master.

Draw a picture using your best crayons, spend more time on it than you would talking to your family

Make things, really anything that might look like something

all the people you know who are trying to make something of themselves, even though it might be ALL IN THEIR HEADS give them a pat on the back and maybe someday they will be a great artist or role model. or even if they are already, lets hope their egotism fades away lest they be forgotten.

if a lightening bolt hits them or blows up your neighbors house, say "Hey your ONE in a trillion" and thank your head it wasn't you
and listen to invasions because we will make your day better and change and grow with your every mood, kinda like the economy


Invasions - Black Fuzz (January, 2010)
Invasions - Magic EP (Released January, 2009)
Invasions - Demo (Released February, 2008)

Set List

We play mostly our own songs but Throw in covers whenever we feel like it. Mostly never.

Helpless Magic (4:00)
Day By Day (3:00)
Jewel (2:50)
Nothing Changes (3:00)
Six Six Six (2:00)
Rat Bastard (2:25)
Young Man (2:45)
Civil Civil (4:00)
She'll Let You Know (3:30)
All You Need To Know (3:15)
Out of Touch (3:40)
Confrontation (2:30)
Time For This (2:45)
Best Foot Forward (3 :15)

Usually we'll play 10 songs
between 45 mins - 60 mins.