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"Demented Perception"

Damn... Yet another new Thrash band, and this one is pretty kickass. The first impression is: "Slayer worship"? – minus the whole satanic subject matter, Invection leaning more toward life, death and society for their lyrical content. These guys nail the late 80s Slayer style pretty good – at least the riffage is very reminiscent of that period – and they also mix in a little bit of crossover and some cleaner Bay Area style Thrash to their material. The vocal style is like the bastard child of Slayer and crossover, and I find it gets a bit getting used to – personally I'm still working on that.

Musically there's nothing too fancy here – just plain old classic-style Thrash that punches you in the face like a high school bully. "Two Faced Lie"? is bound to be quite a hit on the live stage, with vocal lines that just beg for the frontman to get the crowd shouting the lines, and headbanging/moshing like maniacs in between. The solos can get pretty demented (I especially like what's going on in the song "Invection"?), the riffs are especially catchy at times, and coupled with the simple yet effective vocal lines ensure that most of this stuff sticks in your mind long after listening – something more bands should try to do, really. Demented Perception is simple but very effective Thrash that is unfortunately a bit short (such is the nature of an EP.) They're now signed to Stormspell Records, which gives up for an upcoming full-length.
- The Metal crypt


World Plague EP 2008, Demented Perception Ep 2009, Derealization Ep 2010



Invection is not just your typical 80's rehash retro-thrash band. Invection started in the beginning of summer 2007 when 4 young highschool friends who all had the same interests in music decided to start a metal band. Playing out of each of their garages, the band wasn’t able to really practice and advance until they moved into Soundwave Studios in West Oakland, CA (where they still practice to this day) with another bay area metal band, Antagony. A few changes in guitarists and vocalists led to the first 5 piece lineup; Nick Hooshmand, Rory, Andrew Kubiak, Andy Lindquist and John Haag. This lead the band to work on their first release, "World Plague". The EP was done on a low budget at Colorblind studios in Concord and had art done by one of the band members friends and while it wasn't very professional, the EP got lots of positive feedback and was posted all over the internet, handed out at shows, mailed to people interested and accumulated plays and started to generate interest in the band. However, after a year full of constant shows supporting their first EP, in summer of 2008 the band had to part ways with rhythm guitarist Rory. With studio time booked in September, as a four piece, they recorded a new 2-song demo simply titled "Incarcerate" which was a rerecording of an old song and a fresh, new song and received regular airplay on Thrash Unlimited radio. Shortly after finishing the "Incarcerate" recordings they found local thrasher Jeremy Power (now of Zombie Holocaust) to fill the slot as their new rhythm/lead guitarist. The band spent the end of 2008 promoting the demo playing shows to break in their new guitarist, handing out free copies at local metal shows and generally trying to get the word out. Unfortunately, in the beginning of December, Andy decided that he didn't want to be playing in Invection any longer and left. This setback however was very short lived as Jeremy’s friend, Joe Esteban filled in on bass and added a new style and technicality the band hadn't been used to before. The band kept practicing in their rehearsal space (shared with other bay area thrash bands Zombie Holocaust, Laceration and Pillager) and playing many shows. In late 2008/early 2009 Invection parted ways with old vocalist Nick Hooshmand and Andrew Kubiak took over vocal and guitar duties. Then right before the band was set to go into the studio to record a new EP, guitarist Jeremy Power decided to leave to focus more on other musical interests. The band pressed on, of course, recording the new 6 song EP "Demented Perception" with our good friend Alex Winkley from Fog of War ( sitting in on tracks Two Faced Lie and Invection and recording shredding guest solos to complete the sound with Andrew Kubiak recording all rhythm tracks and other solos. The EP was recorded at Sharkbite Studios (Warbringer, Exodus, Machine Head) in Oakland, CA and the cover art was done by Dan Seagrave (Morbid Angel, Suffocation, Dismember) and received airplay on Thrash Unlimited radio, KUSF Rampage Radio, and many other online radio stations, pushing the band to a whole new level. Just after recording the EP however, Joe left the band to pursue other musical interests and styles leaving the band temporarily empty handed. Nevertheless, the band continued promoting the EP offering free online downloads, posting it all over the internet and generally promoting on and offline to generate buzz about the band and release. The EP spread like wildfire and soon was all over metal blogs, forums, online radio stations and reviews and had generated the most interest that the band had ever received before and pushed them out of the stage of garage band and into the realm of a real metal band. Soon after the recording and promotion, needing new members for live shows, guitarist Drew Gage approached the band and the original bassist, Andy Lindquist decided to come back to complete the Invection lineup once again. Stormspell Records liked their EP and approached the band to press and distribute "Demented Perception" since before that it had just been hand pressed on cd-r's with artwork photoprinted into jewel cases and in November 2009 "Demented Perception" was fully pressed and sold through Stormspell Records. "Demented Perception" sold fast and well and to this day continues to sell well and draw in more new fans. With their new smashing line up, material and an ever increasing work ethic and drive, Invection continued to push on. In December, they recorded a new 4 song EP titled "Derealization" to send to labels and generate even more interest in the band. With a much darker and more unique sound than their previous releases, "Derealization" is set to push the band to a new level. The EP will be available late February with full new art, packaging and the 4 new dark, heavy, melodic, thrashy and groovy songs. Stronger than ever and ready to make an impact in the growing thrash/metal music community, Invection has many b