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Austin, TX | Established. Jan 01, 2019 | SELF

Austin, TX | SELF
Established on Jan, 2019
Band Rock Alternative


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"Climbing the charts"

Genre: Rock (Rock)
Wow. I'll split hairs to critique.

Good vox fx... modern rockish I'd say for song. Great production over all...very worth the money if one of you guys is not an engineer yourself. Intro kicks ass. Verse is really strong. Great job arranging the "B" part of the verse with the guitar really sets up the transition. Very creative arrangement of parts. Lead vocals overall are super strong. Great bass parts. Great melodies. you guys have set the bar very high with everything else you're doing. Overall, this is one of the best things I've heard on this site yet. Great job all around...really. Fantastic.

- Miko2000 from Mountain View, Colorado on 12Jul2004
to the the point rock

The intro comes in hard and heavy showing how rock should be done with a really fast fingered guys show that you know how dynamics are supposed to be used by calming down in the chorus and letting ur singer whom is talented take over the verses. The bassist shines in the verses with the vocals as I can really hear the bottom end and the slickness of the bass part.

Love the chorus and how it revisits the killer intro riff shows me that you guys are pretty good at structuring you songs.


- EyesforAugust from Tucson, Arizona on 11Jul2004
Very good effort here.
And I didn't mean good effort like "nice try" either. Very good lead vocals. On key, good diction, and powerful. They could maybe use a pinch more vibrato, but that's not terribly important in this style. Enjoyed the backing vocals as well. Very cool lead guitar. The solo sort of changed styles on it, which was good. Very original. If you ask me, the solo should have been 2 times as long. I'm a guitar guy so that probably isn't the best advice to reach a large scale audience. Ah, just as I typed that, the second solo came in. The delay is good, but the delayed notes aren't very loud. The mood is pretty good. Good job!

- SoulsHarbor from Winfield, Alabama on 11Jul2004
Dude, I'm making out with myself!

Lead Vocals are excellent, you have a hint of the lead singer from the Cult which I really like. The mood of the song takes me back to 88, but definitely has its place today. Lead guitar tone is good as well and fits the tone of the song. Can definitely put down some beers with friends listening to this one.

- dowitcher from Tucson, Arizona on 11Jul2004
No Smart Ass Headline Needed

Holy hell, this guy's voice just grabbed me right away! The instruments are evened out nicely, nothing is dominating anything else. I like the vocal harmonies the singer and his back up acheived. The bass does a killer job of both supporting the melody and being a foundation. Everything works together nicely, I hope you guys succeed and soon

- BassSnake78 from Smithmill, Pennsylvania on 11Jul2004

so afraid

good musicians...vocal harmonies sound excellent...bass playing
has nice are mixes ending...lyrics sound like you're targeting pop

- afterthem from East Brunswick, New Jersey on 11Jul2004
Pseudo Southern

Starts out bluesy and southern sounding then offers up a very strong verse melody. A slow groove throughout with a heavy guitar driven feel. Vocals very good and engaging. Very nice middle eight with the understated guitar solo. Still a very interesting interlude in mood and done very well with some nice rhythms going on behind it.

- swig1966 from North Kansas Cit, Missouri on 10Jul2004
i like it

its really good. i like the tempo of the drums it gives the song a catchy beat. the guitar is good it makes the song more intresting to listen to. the vocals are really good they suit the song well

- bitterpill_04 from Unspecified on 10Jul2004
cool song

great production,one of the better songs i've heard on garageband.yes it's very beatles,the climb up before the chorus is cool as is the ooh's and ahhh's backup's.the bridge is i think with what you guys are going for it's ok to stay predictable instaed of like another extra bridge at the end.but it's a great song like it daddy o!!!!!!!

- grover47 from Waterford, Michigan on 10Jul2004
que voy?

this song gives off a nu metal go -

"ACC Entertainment"


The Whiskey

sunset blvd.

Los Angeles, California.

December 8th 1130 pm

The air was thick in the city of angels. A stage was being prepared for battle as the fans, who anxiously awaited the launch of a new dimension of rock, became increasingly dowsed with perspiration. As the four drumstick clicks sounded the first attack (Sam Aliano, Australia), an undeniably gifted and mesmerizing percussionist, the thunderous roar of sweet firepower caused eyes to remain open and mouths, the similar, until the band exited the premises to the congratulations of their initial encounter. Beginning with a fast and oceanic "Clouds" and following with a romantic victory, "Train", the direction of the set was unpredictable to say the least. Surprising all onlookers to the point of thirst, the group fell passion to a thick and paramount single, "Suffering", with a thick and impervious bass (Sol Maah, Central Africa) that depicted the plight of a depressed and lost individual knowing only the pain of existence. After an amazing rendition of "Umatilla Girl", another predicted single, and the band introduced what they all came for. "Jesus’ Eyes", was the moment of understanding, which, oddly enough, is the theme of the night as in their acclaimed album "Lean Not On Your Own Understanding", which has been received enthusiastically by labels and other industry personnel. This is mostly due to Chris Dixon (lead guitar, USA) and his amazing ability to reach out and jostle the emotions from afar. Utilizing the most versatile meanings of a guitar solo since the days of the rock legends like May, Paige, and Young, to name a few, the fans were mesmerized by his skillful and ethereal choice of tones. Closing the set came the viscous and abhorrent "Ignore" at which time Joshua Rumer (vocals, guitar, West Virginia), stripped himself of his guitar, threw it on the stage and began leaving a brazen, lasting impression on thrilled and surprised members of, what appeared to be, a new breed of concert-goers.

I rate the act as fantastic and meaningful on the grounds that I have never experienced anything quite like it, ever. That’s right…ever. I am dumbfounded and enchanted by this ensemble’s ability to bring together a breed of music that breaks the norm and will surely encourage other acts to take some notes and evolve accordingly. Upon talking to the band a bit, they seem to be the happiest and most sincere gang I have had the chance to interact with. Upon talking to staff, not ONE drink was ordered during their passionate set. I will keep you updated as time allows.

Martin Capella

ACC Entertainment

London, England

6:55 am - Martin Capella

"Endicott Press"

From DC Music News

Hardy Endicott


12:56:20 2003

In my travels to major cities over the past 3 years, I have had the opportunity to check out hundreds of solo acts, bands and even the occasional strip club or two (tell my wife nothing!) and I think I have found a potential platinum artist. While in Los Angeles about a month ago, I was at a place called The Joint and a duo called Invengo, or captain something, lit up the stage with beauty, intensity, and creativity. As a talent writer for a local DC publication, I plan to feature this act because rarely does the marriage of lyrics and melody come together in such a way that moves the soul to stay involved with open ears and a heavy heart. In flight, I found myself humming the hooks and wishing to God I had a CD to share with my friends. I will continue to persue this artist in our January publication and I strongly recommend the earth follow in suit.

Hardy Endicott

Endicott Press, LTD


"Lunderful Productions, LSD"

Captain’s Log: Stardate November 10, 2003

Captain Invengo shrewdly returns to Planet Joint to smoke out the undying race of feisty Angelinos. At the risk replicating his well-worn travel log, the Captain generously shared the captain's pulpit with Mr. Bo, whom ousted Mr. Spock with Bo's Floydian Grip.

Those feisty Angelinos beckoned the Captain to beam them up to sonic bliss, and the Captain prevailed.

The Captain’s Log began with a pair of solo servings as compelling than ever. As his Enterprise resumed to warp speed, the Captain’s brilliance was next paired up with likes of Mr. Bo and his Floydian grip. (Those strings really sting, don't they Mr. Gilmour?)

Bypassing another intergalactic and supersonic frontier, the Captain's log entrees vastly improved, and "Jesus Eyes" never resonated so proficiently on Planet Joint. And still, the Angelinos yearned more.

The Captain’s acoustic and electric photon rays stunned an unsuspecting audience, but this episode must conclude like any other despite the pleas from the newly entranced worshippers below.

With potential surpassing entire crew of the original Enterprise, Captain Invengo will find permanent prominence among Angelinos once enlisting his entire crew. There are many among the Captain's patriots who will soon decry, "Permission to board?"

Jacob N. Lunders

Lunderful Productions, LSD

Jacob - Jacob N. Lunders

"Lunderful Productions, LSD"

"Ride, Captain, Ride...Upon Your Mystery Weed"

A captain of a tugboat? I think not. This captain has "cruise liner" written all over him. All he requires are a band of shipmates who truly understand what's beneath this Captain's hat.

Captain Invengo has been good to you and LA, so it's time for you to be good the Captain and support him on his everlasting sea voyage. Why ride in a tugboat when you can cruise the high life in his cruise liner? Bon voyage, LA!

When the sweat drips from the Captain's noggin, you know that "true soul" has been delivered. With what resonates from his hearty baritone remains pure emotion, which seems to have escaped modern day pop music. Witnessing the Captain’s orders, we’ve yet only sampled what high seas this cruise liner is capable of exploring.

Supersonic offerings like “Chillin’”, “Pills”, and “Jesus’ Eyes” prove that this Captain can not only resonate deep, well thought out testament but also evoke the imagination as to where electric strings, percussion, and boards may eventually land. Leave those rigors up to the shipmates who have yet to be recruited.

While Captain Invengo is still rowing with oars, it’s up to you to load his ship with hot, burning coals so he can purposefully leave ashore this tiny dessert isle. No Gilligan’s need apply; this Captain already has a promoter.

“Ride, Captain, Ride…”

Jacob N. Lunders

Lunderful Productions, LSD

Jacob - Jacob N. Lunders


A Much Grander Scale
Lean Not On Your Own Understanding
Wishing We Had Gills
Evolutionary Pressure


Feeling a bit camera shy


This is an extremely awesome gang of musicians from the inside out. Truly an honor to know and, especially, work with.

Since the years began they have shared the stage with artists like 311, Live, Lenny Kravitz, Queens of the Stone Age, Filter, Dishwalla, Garbage, Tool, Dave Matthews, System of a Down, Ozzy, Foo Fighters, Jane's Addiction, Pearl Jam and a list of several more really cool and popular groups.

Their music has been featured on over 100 TV/Film projects including Dawson's Creek, X-Files, MTV, VH1, HBO, Showtime, Nike, Pepsi, Jack Daniels, CBS, Comedy Central, Saturday Night Live and more.

There are amazing blends of eclectic musical forms crammed into this new 10 song album. Tastes of modern programming meet the wailing stadium rock and combine to deliver a powerful punch below the belt.

They just keep on moving in forward directions. Never stopping to smell anything including flowers. The music they write is of an intelligent nature and includes a whole lot of facets that just aren't available to listeners nowadays. If you could put Queen, Billy Joel, Meatloaf, David Bowie, Slayer and Tom Petty in a blender and serve, chilled, with a splash of Styx, Boston and pure rock ...then an Invengo beverage is what you will be sipping on.