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"Eve a Breath Of Fresh Air"

“The freshest young things to grace the NYC music scene are the faces and voices of pop folk duo Inventing Eve. Their self-titled debut album Inventing Eve is a breath of fresh air.

A collection of 10 original songs including fan faves Caterpillar Eyebrows and 3.000 Miles From California, this feel-good menagerie of tunes that range from bluesy to pop to rock will make you want to open the blinds, grab a glass of your favorite bev, prop your feet up and sing along.

Inventing Eve has the soul of Joss, edge of Alanis, and groove of Sheryl. I may even dare state that with Inventing Eve, a new musical genre has been born: that of Positive Pop.”

- Millennius Entertainment/San Francisco

"Can Europe Have You, Inventing Eve?"

[Paolo Bolla on Inventing Eve's debut album]:

"When I heard this music and these voices, I couldn't believe that it was possible to be so "fresh" is all so involved and alive...the reality of its simplicity, never predictable, absolutely hits you in the face!

The entire work is very homogenous and coherent; the layering, placement and harmonies of the voices; the acoustic guitars, and the Hammond organ confirming tradition [are] excellent!

Can Europe have you, Inventing Eve?" - Paolo Bolla, PG Time, Italy


Inventing Eve (Self-Titled Debut Release, 03/01/06)

1. Somethin' Bigger
2. High (Mauro's Song)
3. Caterpillar Eyebrows
4. China Doll
5. I Won't Call You
6. Forget Monday
7. Rocket Ship
8. Dark Angel
9. 3000 Miles From California
10. Wherever You Wander



Who Is Inventing Eve?

The fresh sound of identical twin duo Inventing Eve is inspired by an eclectic range of influences including Queen, The Beatles, Otis Redding, and Van Morrison, it’s not easy to put this type of music into a box. The genre it boldly occupies is that of pop/folk/alternative.

London-born sisters Sarah and Jennifer grew up near San Francisco before relocating to New York in 2002 to pursue their dream with a fervency and passion.

After 3 years on the NYC scene, Inventing Eve’s self-titled debut album released in March 2006. Inventing Eve will tour Europe for the whole of 2007, appearing in cities such as Venice, London and Rome, and also appearing in national music festivals in Europe and the U.S.

Inventing Eve’s music is all at once sharp, solemn, witty, reflective, and refreshingly original. Upon experiencing the clever lyrics, intertwining harmonies, and catchy melodies of Inventing Eve, he who says “Rock can’t be pretty!” will find he is surely mistaken.

“Who says rock can’t be pretty?” ™