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Invert is a unique string quartet performing original new music composed by its members, and their own arrangements of other composers' works. Invert's name is taken from their literal inversion of the traditional string quartet format - we feature two cellos instead of two violins.


Drawing from diverse, eclectic musical backgrounds, Invert's members defy tradition by being firmly rooted in rock, jazz and world musics rather than the classical upbringing typical of most string players. The group's compositions range from moody pieces evocative of soundtracks from expressionist cinema, to driving melodic works, often leaving open sections for improvisation that add to the excitement of their live performances.

Invert has regularly performed at many renowned New York venues, including The Knitting Factory, Irving Plaza, The Cutting Room, Joe's Pub, The Kitchen, Makor and Trinity Church at Wall Street. They have recorded string accompaniments for two releases by legendary indie rockers Guided By Voices, and have appeared on bills with artists as diverse as Mission of Burma, Erik Friedlander, Alloy Orchestra, Zoe Keating, American Analog Set, Quasi, and Rasputina.

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Dog Days

Written By: Chris George

No vocals

The Peak

Written By: Steve Berson

No lyrics; all instrumental


Invert has released three full-length albums:

The Strange Parade (April 2007, Inverted Music)
Between The Seconds (May 2004, Capstone Records)
Invert (December 2000, Inverted Music)

Allied Radio Recordings, vol. 1 (May 2001, Allied Radio) - "After The Fall," a live improvisation recorded at Galapagos in November 2000, was chosen by Allied Radio, an independent label based in Roanoake, Virginia, as the first track for their first CD compilation.

Invert has also performed the string arrangements on a number of albums by Robert Pollard and Guided By Voices:

Robert Pollard - Silverfish Trivia (2007, Prom Is Coming)

Universal Truths and Cycles (June 2002, Matador)
Back To The Lake (May 2002, Fading Captain)
The Pipe Dreams Of Instant Prince Whippet (2002, Fading Captain)

Set List

A typical Invert set is about 45 minutes, and might look like this:

Maroon Bells
Dog Days
The Peak
Group improvisation
for Hinda
The Strange Parade

The complete list of our repertoire follows:
(listed by composer)


Chris George
Machine (1995)
Sonic Eclipse (1999)
Procession in D (1999)
Flight of the Killer Bees (2001)
Truth Serum (2002)
Dog Days (2004)
The Strange Parade (2005)

Steven Berson
Glass Eye & I (1999)
Theme for a Black Collar Crime (1999)
Broken Blossoms (1999)
Salomé (2000)
The Peak (2003)
for Hinda (2005)
Ritmo Elegante (2007)

Helen Yee
Lost Spring (1999)

Invert (group collaborations)
The March (2003)
August Night (2006)
Maroon Bells (2006)
Phrygian Dervish (2006)

Bernard Herrmann
Prelude to "Psycho"
(1960 - arranged by Steven Berson, 1999)

John Lennon / Paul McCartney
Tomorrow Never Knows
(1966 - arranged by Chris George, 2001)

Shigeru Umebayashi
Yumeji's Theme
(2000 - arranged by Steven Berson