Invincible Czars

Invincible Czars


We are The Invincible Czars, an adventurous DIY band from Austin, TX. We create & perform complex original tunes, classic silent and new film scores, perform our yearly rockin' version of The Nutcracker Suite and other re-arranged classical music at rock clubs, theaters, parks and community events!


Austin's Invincible Czars have made their mark by creating exceptionally original music: songs and instrumental pieces that are like four-to-five minute "mini-symphonies" chock full of memorable melodies, meticulous arrangements, dynamics, and humor. Their music fuses riff rock, classical/symphonic music, heavy metal, loungey grooves, odd meters, klezmer, country shuffles, punk rock and circusy polka. They draw from influences as varied as Iron Maiden and Tchaikovsky, Itzhak Perlman and John McLaughlin, Frank Zappa and Ween. The band applies the DIY attitude of post-punk groups like NoMeansNo and Fugazi to their musical explorations, resulting in a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts.

In the past few years, they have become known and lauded for their arrangements of classical works such as Tchaikovsky's "Nutcracker Suite" and Mussorgsky's "A Night on Bald Mountain." They have also re-scored the classic silent films "Aelita, Queen of Mars" and "Destiny (Der mude Tod)" for performances at Austin's Alamo Drafthouse Cinemas.

Other projects in 2009 have included the new album "Fortissimo"; a soundtrack for the HBO On-Demand film "Taco, Taco, Taco"; and a thunderous performance at the Golden Hornet Project's German Masters concert.


Fortissimo (2009)
The Nutcracker Suite (2007)
Gods of Convenience (2005)

coming in 2010:

Set List

Here are several examples of what Czars can do (most shows are a mixture of these):

Club gigs with rockin', dancin', proggy, quirky original songs.

Old silent films (or new movies) with original soundtracks.

Seasonal family-oriented shows filled with cleverly-arranged classical music: Nutcracker Suite in the winter, 1812 Overture in July, spooky stuff for Halloween.

Cover songs from Iron Maiden to Grateful Dead.