In Vino Veritas

In Vino Veritas


We define good music as something that invokes an emotional response of some sort, whether it is "Shit Yea!" or the silence of when a band really means what they say. So that said, we are not out to impress with guitar solos. We are here to make good music.


In most bands things have to fall into place. In our case, this guy with the nickname "Crust", that plays electric guitar and cant stop writing songs, happened to be college roomates with a guy named Sam, who played the bass(2002). Immediately they got along, and one day decided to record an album with fake drums. Soon enough a drummer came along the next year and was nice enough to jam with our fake songs to make them real. It instantly worked, and we began to play around the college and expand to Boston. We are heavily influenced by all the crap that is on the rock radio these days, and our need to make the kind of music we want to hear. Our music is unpredictable, with one soft song up against a hard song, and with a rock song next to a folk song. We believe the rock star is not dead. Other bands have not figured out that a rock show is called a rock show for a reason. If you wanted to just see a band stand there and play their songs, then you should just save your money, sit at home, and listen to their record. The reason people keep coming to our shows are our stories, our energy, our randomnesss that ties our songs together, and the feeling of excitement that comes from the live show. Luckily for us bands are too busy being cool these days on stage, which makes us look all the better. Now we just need to spead this music to as many as possible.


LP :

Crack Rockin' (2004)
For My Love, ShiThead (2005)
2003 EL61 (2007)


Hip Hop DP (2006)
Demo (2006)

Streaming here:


Some college radio

Set List

Car Wreck
Common Bum
Jonny Copesantos
Bore Being Home
Fresh az yo azz
People Sick
Jizzing My Jeans For Fun
Nina Wang
My Connection
Jean Michel Basquiat
Noodles and Phones

Covers Sometimes Played:

UMass (Pixies)
Kids in the Hall Theme
Tired of Sex (Weezer)
Hotel Yorba (White Stripes)
Peek a Boo (Devo)
Cheap Rewards (Elvis Costello)
Breakfast and Tiffany's (Crap)

Set is usually around 45 min