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"Inviolate’s Kadria …A force among Female Vocalists"

Atlanta based Inviolate Band has been entertaining audiences for quite some time throughout the southeast and beyond. Their recent video, Condemned, was released on Tuesday 8 May and we got a preview of it just before it went live. Our sentiment: Impressive! Lead singer, Kadria, is right on par with many top notch vocalists in this genre. She is a truly good looking young woman with a style that reflects her dedication to cultural art and fusion rock. Her inclusion of Bellydance into just about every hit is what she is known for and this sets the band on a higher level from others who resort to what some have called “wild jumping.” Each member is very unique bringing to the group an outstanding array of talent, raw energy and emotion. They are as exciting as it gets and their fans will agree.

Our connection to the band has been with Kadria (A Filipino-American) who enjoys bellydance classes with Aya of Istanbul at Pera Dance and Event Studio in West Buckhead. Through invitations to see her band, shared video files and rave reviews from fans we’ve come to see how important she and Inviolate are to the Atlanta music scene. When given the most recent video we knew then how important she is to the music world.
As mentioned in a previous blog post, many dancers and cultural groups rely on for their jewelry and costume needs. Kadria’s choices included a variety of bracelets, skirts and veils. She even used PDES for her bellydance scene shown near the end of the video. A few of us were on site when it took place and were impressed with Gustavo’s direction, efficiency in set up and break down. It was again, impressive. The final product is just stunning and we’ve been looking at it quite a bit. It’s one of those videos you can’t watch just once…

We are looking forward to attending future Inviolate shows. If you are into fusion art, fusion bellydance and getting involved in the Atlanta music scene, Inviolate band is certainly a group you need to add to your entertainment calendar! We congratulate them on their continued success!

More on Gustavo Montana, the Director of the Inviolate Condemned video:

Formally studying human behavior has helped me develop particular skills toward telling stories through film. As an artist I seek to accomplish for my name to be associated with beautiful and complex stories where my knowledge and particular skills become a personal signature. I also seek to be able to write and direct as manystories and/or projects as I can, from Music videos to documentaries, from short films to feature films. I want all of these formats to be my canvas. Nevertheless, I have to acknowledge, that becoming a successful documentary director would be my ultimate goal.Regardless the complexity of a project, every time I set my mind into a new one I always explore many aspects of human condition, trying always to express a particular emotion derived not only from the characters or the story it self, but also from my directorial choices. A frame, a camera movement, a quiet moment will orchestrate the way one is telling a story, and that is exactly what I aim for every time I am directing.I would say also that my knowledge in clinical psychology, psychoanalysis and neuropsychology also marks a distinctive approach by the time I am telling a story through film. This approach helps me to recognize that it is not only about understanding a bit about human behavior but it is also about understanding viewer’s own emotions, fears and expectations and using that knowledge so the viewer can become another character in the story. Therefore, I think that this approach characterizes my own very style and defines my artistic decisions and choices as drive me toward achieving the goal of becoming an artistic asset in the film industry.
To contact Gustavo for your next video production, message him via these links:
Musicians, Alan Strange, Brandon DuBose and Monte Shane are also featured. Enjoy! We are absolutely impressed with this video. - African Asian Business and Cultural Exchange



Feast of Ashes (Strange One Records, 2012)
Inviolate EP (2007)

Songs from both of these albums have been played on: WVRK Rock 103 (Columbus, GA), WTPT 93.3 The Planet's Upstate Unsigned (Greenville, SC), WJLS 91.9 (Jacksonville, AL), Sugar & Spikes, Live 92X, Rockcast with Jim Santora, Last Exit for the Lost (Ithaca, NY), Indie365 Radio, and more.



Atlanta's Inviolate blends metal, rock, electronica and industrial elements into a cohesive, headbang-worthy sonic assault presented by a striking, belly-dancing front woman with a voice to match. Inviolate is a 4-person act privileged to be working with a dependable, rotating lineup of Atlanta's finest rock and metal talent on guitars, drums and bass for live shows. The band released its first, self-titled EP in 2007. After signing to Strange One Records in 2012, Inviolate released an 8-song album titled "Feast of Ashes", co-produced with Mike Froedge of doubleDrive/ Black Label Society in June 2012, with a video for the first single "Condemned". Fans can look forward to seeing Inviolate play shows, promoting the new album and singles and spreading the Inviolation all over the Southeast and beyond.
Inviolate has shared the stage with many notable acts, including: Kittie, Static-X, Epica, SOiL, Straight Line Stitch, Scar Symmetry, Celldweller, Symphony X, Powerglove, Angie Aparo, Primer 55