Naples, Florida, USA
BandHip HopPop

Invisible fills his songs with social and political commentary touching on current events and pop culture. While his addictive party tracks keep you singing the hooks and moving on the dance floor.


Invisible fills his songs with passionate lyrics touching on anything and everything political and social, current event and pop culture he entertains and educates all the while never losing relevence. Invisible is an Indie-guy at heart with strong roots in punk rock and old school hip-hop. Creating his own beats and producing and recording his own tracks. The lighter side of Invisible is his desire to put out hot dance tracks guaranteed to keep the party going and the dance floor full, with addictive hooks that are bound to stay in your head for weeks. Invisible's unique style of threading words and phrases together with a flow all his own makes his messages hard hitting and even harder to ignore.


Curbside Trail Mix Vol. 1 2005
Ionic (not yet released Full Length Album)

Set List

45 min to an hour long set.

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(From unreleased Full Length)
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